Friday, May 2, 2014

First Day - May 2014

first day

First thing in the morning, I wanted to take a picture of our family's NHL playoff hockey pool. Unfortunately, I waited too long because the boys had updated after the west coast game ended late Wednesday, and I'd picked that series incorrectly. Boo. For a few days I had a healthy lead in the pool, but now I'm trailing the hubster by one point again, and I'll bet it will only get worse for me. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted!
May 1st dawned with everything wet, but there was a hint of blue sky, and although there were a few drizzly showers during the day, for the most part the rain was over.

The sun came out quite golden for awhile in the morning too!

I gave my camera to Kennady while we were running errands in the afternoon...

Uh-oh. Clouds are threatening again...
Kennady's iPod - she was playing a game where she could customize a fish and then name it. Landon suggested she name it "Private Ryan" so her screen would say this:
I told her to name her next fish "Money" or "Time".

To get an idea of how beautiful the blue skies were, you kind of have to understand that on April 30th, our whole area looked kind of like this:
Wet shoes drying out.
We went to the church Grad banquet in the evening.
And watched the hockey game when we got home. Go Habs!

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Stacie said...

It is finally starting to dry out here. I heard the sun was going to come out today for a bit. Something we haven't seen in many days. The tulips are gorgeous. I should check and see if any of mine bloomed. Last time I looked I had some leaves but not buds yet.

Mother of 3 said...

Well, may 7th two years later and we have yet to see the sun in 7 days! I have hope it will make an appearance soon. I'd love to see the sun and have temps warm up enough to finally pack away our winter coats.

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