Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge: 10am

Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge |
I'm back for another Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge - this week our assignment was to take photos related to the subject: 10AM! What are we doing at 10AM? Here's what was going on today:

Landon is working on Algebra, as he usually does during the 10:00 hour. Today is a quiz day, so he works on that first, and then gets the computer to watch the video portion for the next lesson.
Kennady is working on Science today. She prefers to sit on the floor in her room.

We got distracted by the cat and had to tease him with a balloon string for a minute.
Okay - back to work.
And as for me, I have several things I will be working on before lunch today. I have to put together my song set for the worship team this week. I should have done this Monday. Oops.
Tonight is the picnic for our church youth and children's programs, so I will be getting some food prepared. This is my go-to for these kinds of potlucks and youth parties.
I have a few phone calls to make. And stuff to clean up. Blah. Oh, and Mount Washmore. I was hoping to put a load or two of laundry on the line this morning, but I just saw lightning and the rain ought to be starting any moment now. So I guess I will adjust my expectations.

What is usually going on in your homeschool around 10AM? Leave a comment and let me know! You can see other weekly photos shared at The Canadian Homeschooler Weekly Photo Challenge - 10AM! and share your own pictures.

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Lisa Marie said...

I love this post! :) Thanks for the peek into your house at 10am. I forgot. LOL.

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