Thursday, May 8, 2014

Biology Lab Gone Wrong

I hated dissection labs when I was in school. Turns out my kids are not fond of the idea of dissecting either. And even if they were, I object to it happening in my house. Blech. So I was very glad when Landon was able to join his friend to do some dissecting at their place on Tuesday. The boys set up outside (good thinking!) and got some lab work done so we can check off that box for Biology.

My friend sent me this picture of the boys cutting up a frog or some such creature.

Apparently they left their lab notes out on that table when they went inside for dinner.

And then this happened...

The goat ate Landon's homework. True story.

What's the craziest "for real" excuse you've ever had for schoolwork that was incomplete or late? Leave a comment and let me know! I was going to try and be all serious with this current Blogging through the Alphabet tour, but this was timely and I couldn't resist!

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Debbie said...

That's really funny. Our dog actually did eat dd's schoolwork once (when she was a puppy and was chewing everything up.) She pulled the math page off the table and tore it up into dozens of tiny soggy bits!

Heylen Adventures said...

lol! lol! lol!

Jennifer said...

Too funny! I agree labs like that, though significant, are gross. I am so thankful my mom is happy to do dissecting lessons with my kids.

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