Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Fountain Rock Photojournal (with Weekend Reflections)

Yesterday we decided to do one final activity to wrap up Kamp Kennadyanne. After all, one of the features of camp is going on some kind of nature walk or hike, so we went to a local park, Fountain Rock Park and Nature Center, to have a look around. We had the place pretty much to ourselves. First stop was the nature center, which had some snakes, turtles, frogs, toads, and insects available for close viewing.

Next, we spent some time walking around the Quarry Pond. When this area was in use as a lime quarry, the water was continually pumped out of the quarry, but now it has filled up from the natural spring, and is home to many turtles, fish, and other wetland wildlife. (And some lovely reflections too, so I linked this post to Weekend Reflections.)

Some of the structures from the lime kiln that operated here between 1872 and 1955 are still standing, though some are gone or in disrepair. We learned a little about the history of the Lime Kiln as we walked around. Below are two of the kilns.

This is a sieve that rotated and sorted the broken up lime by size.

The lime was dumped into the kilns from above.

After getting a little history lesson, we walked some of the woodland trails. We came across a few of these little shelters, probably built by students here for a field trip. Kennady called them Eeyore houses.

Kennady and Dad go all Blue Man Group at this activity site!

Finally we walked around the pond fed by the spring. The Canada Geese were there first and were a little resentful of our presence, but complained only a little before taking to the water.

Before we left, Kennady had to goof around at the playground a little bit. The sign said it was designed for ages 5 through 12, and since she'll turn 13 next week, she figured this might be her last opportunity!

A Gatorade for the road, and then we headed into town for ice cream.

This post is linked at Weekend Reflections.
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