Friday, August 8, 2014

O is for... O-Flights

Okay, I thought I might have to give up on the letter O this time around. Then I checked my email this morning and found a bit of inspiration - a reminder that our local squadron is offering O-Flights this weekend, and who to contact to sign up. Now, whether Landon will go on a flight tomorrow remains to be seen, but I can share a little about his past flights here anyway.

The "O" is for Orientation. Cadets in the Civil Air Patrol are given the opportunity to start learning to fly, and can take five powered flights and five non-powered flights. Many of the cadets try to spread those flights out during their membership. Cadets are eligible for O-flights as long as they are members in good standing and are Safety Current, so many of these young people are getting a head start on a pilot's license before they are old enough to get a learner's permit to drive a car!

This first set of pictures is from Landon's first powered flight. He was 13 years old.

What a ham.
He took this (blurry) picture of our house from the air.
This slightly less blurry picture is the greenhouse seen from the air.
Cadets take part in all aspects of the flight, starting with all the pre-flight checks. For both the glider (non-powered) flights and small plane flights, the cadet is actually in control of the aircraft for part of the time they are in the air.

This set of pictures is from his first glider flight, when he was 14 years old.

You can see all the pictures from Landon's glider flight at X is for eXtra Credit {A Glider Flight Photojournal} As you can see, CAP has helped me with a tough letter of the alphabet before!

If he does get into the air this weekend, I'll try to get a few more pictures.

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Jennifer Silcott said...

What an experience! Very cool pictures!

Annette said...

that was neat to read and follow. I have a nephew much into flying as well. :)

Annette @ A Net In Time

Crystal Mcclean said...

I've only been in a small plane once, but I LOVED it!! I hope he has his next flight soon.

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