Friday, August 8, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: Quick!

The Pebble Pond

Trying to sneak in a quick Random 5 on Friday post! (a link hosted at The Pebble Pond)
  1. No school this week, but I ordered a couple of schoolbooks, and did a little of the prep work that's left.
  2. Signed Kennady up for fall softball. I just hope we'll manage to get her to all the games! I already told Harrison that he may have to take her to the very first one because DH and I have Orioles tickets for that day.
  3. How do flies magically know when I have a fly-swatter in my hand? 
  4. So I found out only this week that Landon was voted Cadet of the Quarter for 2nd Quarter. He never volunteered this information - I found out because I asked him why he had a different color honor cord on Tuesday. Then he explained it. Funny part is that he should have received the honor cord on promotion night in July, but he was sick and didn't make that meeting. They gave him the cord the following week and he just brought it home. He was wearing it this week for promotion night, but we had vehicle problems and never made it to the meeting. His last chance to wear it will be at the September promotion night, but --- wait for it ---- we will be on vacation. Oh well, hopefully he will be elected for the honor again in another quarter!
  5. Kennady and I are teaming up to participate in a Summer Reading Challenge. And I posted a couple of book reviews. You can read all of that at my book blog, Just A Second.
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A parting shot... the man-child with his special honor cord.

The Pebble Pond

For the Display of His Splendor
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A Stable Beginning said...

We signed my 8yr old up for Fall ball. She is pretty excited to play again. Congrats to your son for his Honor cord.

Tess said...

I did not know you had a book blog. How did I not know this? What a handsome son you have. I'm looking forward to your posts next week!

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