Monday, October 6, 2014

5 on the Fifth - October

I'm looking forward to a new link-up hosted by Marcy at Ben and Me. Each blogger participating will be writing a post highlighting five blog posts (from others!) that really caught their eye over the past month or so, and we'll also be pinning and sharing the posts. Now, honestly - there are a lot of blogs I try to read, and I simply can't keep up the way I'd like to with all of them. And so often I am pressed for time and even though I read something I especially like, and guess what... if I don't comment, or share it, or pin it right then... yeah, I forget. Obviously I can't pin every post I love in 5 on the Fifth, it will give me a place to regularly share some of the stuff I love.

This first time out, I grabbed a couple of posts from fellow homeschooling bloggers that grabbed my attention over the past couple of weeks, and a couple that struck me just today as I was reading.
Tara @ This Sweet Life wrote about their Middle School October Reading ChallengeI thought this was a great idea for encouraging and nurturing a love of reading in a tween girl's life. My daughter loves to read too, and I got a few ideas to add to her suggested reading list, and it made me think about offering an appropriate reward for reading every now and again. (Although, book-lovers tend to agree that reading can be its own reward!)

{Question} Does Homeschooling Have to Be Fun? at Lextin Academy is a good example of why I enjoy Lexi's blog. Even though her kids are so much younger than mine, she writes good, honest stuff about homeschooling. And sometimes makes me wish that I could rewind to when my kids were little and we were just starting our homeschool adventure.

Kristi @ The Potter's Hand Academy shared this very cool post about a new study based on the Dr Who TV series on my Middle School Monday link-up a few weeks ago, and it made quite an impression on not only my daughter, but several other homeschooling Dr Who fans I know. If you have a young Dr Who fan in your homeschool, check out Traveling Through History With Dr. Who

Diane @ Cabin In the Woods often shares her daughter's artwork in her posts, and these usually catch my eye. This past week she showed some recent artwork in Preparations for Myths and Legends Art Show.

And my final entry for this month is not a homeschooling blog at all, but a blog that has fascinated me for about a year now - Global Table Adventure. This blog started out with Sasha's plan to have a meal once a week that highlighted the food from another country. So began the Cooking the World A-Z project. Sasha shared her recipes and info about 195 countries as they went. I found her blog when we were studying the Americas, and it provided plenty of ideas, inspiration, and of course - recipes! Now that we're studying Europe, I'm back at the Global Table Adventure browsing recipes. Having finished Cooking the World, the posts are now varied, but still focus on appreciating the diversity of peoples and cultures through a shared love of food. Check out this recent one: Around the World with Apples: Celebrating the First Day of Autumn

5 on the Fifth
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Kristi said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on your 5 on the Fifth post this month! I'm honored!! We have a great time with your Middle School Monday link up!

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global table adventure sounds like a great blog to visit. Thanks for mentioning it. :)

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