Monday, November 24, 2014

Middle School Monday - Nonsense Poetry

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Middle School Monday

Welcome to Middle School Monday!

Last week I mentioned that I might be able to share some of Kennady's writing, and she graciously gave me permission to share the nonsense poem she wrote. One of the writing assignments in a poetry unit in Lightning Lit & Comp was to write a nonsense poem after reading and studying various poems, and in particular, poetry by Lewis Carroll.

This is the verse that Kennady came up with.

The Painter
I sat down to paint
a picture of a bird,
but it turned out to look
like a very large curd.

I sat down to paint
a picture of a beach,
but it looked like I drew
a misshapen leech.

I sat down to paint
a still of some fruit,
but the picture looked more like
a picture of a root.

I sat down to paint
my new telephone,
but the lack of color made it look
like a grey stone.

I sat down to paint
a man's black hat,
but the picture looked like
a scrunched-up old cat.

I sat down to paint
my mahogany front door,
when I ended up smashing
the picture on the floor.

I sat down the paint
the neighborhood girl.
It didn't look like the girl,
more or less like a pearl.

I sat down to paint
my brother's pet dog.
I regretted doing so -
it looked like a moldy log.

 I sat down to paint
again and again,
when I decided instead
to write this with a pen.

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I was pretty impressed! And the ironic part? She actually wrote the whole thing in pencil!

Does your middle schooler like creative writing, or is that a difficult subject? What are your favorite literature study or creative writing resources? Leave a comment and let me know!

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a49erfangirl said...

Your daughter did a fantastic job on her poem. My son doesn't like writing at all. He has a hard time writing. It's a subject we are slowly working on.

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