Monday, February 16, 2015

Middle School Monday - Day Off? Or Not?

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Middle School Monday

Welcome to Middle School Monday!  I was planning to get schoolwork done today. I'm still planning to get schoolwork done today, or at least hoping to, but I have to wonder how much we will really do. Mondays are hard anyway, being Mondays and all, and our Mondays are usually late starting because Kennady and Landon are out late Sunday night doing the scorekeeping for their Dad's hockey league. But today... well... they were away at a youth retreat over the weekend, and I know they didn't get much sleep there.
Middle School Monday @  Middle School Monday @

And the weekend was especially cold too, and the first thing they'll need to do after breakfast is haul in more firewood and get a blaze going in the woodstove.

In fact, it was so cold over the weekend that yesterday we had a pipe freeze and burst. A pipe inside the house!! And I know that the same thing happened to at least one other family in our circle of friends. Fortunately, our broken pipe is on the second floor, so only the bathroom on that floor is affected - we have running water in the other bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry, so we're functional. Unfortunately, our broken pipe is on the second floor, so the law of gravity dictated that the water rained through the main floor (living room and front entry) and into the basement (family room). So it was a fun day yesterday, with water everywhere and trying to catch it in buckets and keep it from ruining our piano and furniture. The drop ceiling in the family room is a mess. There are large sections of the ceiling on the main floor that are damaged. *sigh*
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Middle School Monday @

Middle School Monday @

Middle School Monday @
And it IS President's Day. Public school kids are not in class today, and my kids will definitely know that, and try to use it to their advantage.
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Because see how respectful they are?
We don't need to take Snow Days, except that sometimes our classes away from home need to be cancelled.  If we do take a Snow Day, it's so that I can take the kids to go sledding at the youth center with their friends.
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snow day from 2014
Sick Days are a little different for us too, since the kid that isn't feeling well can easily stay in pajamas and just do what they are able to do. We don't have to worry about them catching up on work they missed, because I just adjust their assignment calendar. When I'm not feeling well, they don't have to make do with a substitute teacher. I do what I can do, and they work on stuff they don't need me for if I'm not functional enough to help.
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So... I don't know how much school we'll get done today. Maybe it will be a normal day, maybe it will wind up being sort of a half day.

Middle School Monday @
How do you decide when to take a day off in your homeschool? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Melanie said...

Oh Kym! I'm so sorry to hear about the burst pipe!

We've been having to watch ours this winter too. We have had some COLD days and nights. But then we've had some beautiful, Indian-summerish days!

Our local schools are off today. AND we have 6" of snow on the ground. We're doing a modified school day: Bible, piano, life skills, and photography. We MAY have to get out the sled and do some outdoor PE this afternoon!

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