Friday, March 27, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean - Week 11

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I've been participating in a weekly challenge and link-up at Family, Faith, and Fridays and last week's assignment was the Bathrooms. I shared a little bit in my Homeschool Weekly on Saturday what we'd done, but the task hadn't been finished, and I promised an update. To keep myself accountable to get it done! Let me tell you, it's pretty humbling to make yourself share "before" pictures of the messes in your house. Unless you're one of those wonderful people with a natural inclination to keep everything spic'n'span.

First, a recap of what was already done - the main bathroom, the one guests would see, is essentially a powder room, although it's quite a bit larger. Since it's the guest bath, it is kept clean, although it did need a little extra attention to dusting. My oldest son uses this bathroom the most, so he's responsible for keeping it clean, and most of the time he does a very good job.

Some of his things on the counter, but hey - he uses it, so as long as it's neat - good enough!

Now... on to the disaster area - the vanity counter in my bathroom. In the master bedroom, we have a dressing room type area connecting the bedroom itself to the bathroom. The dressing room has a large closet on one side, and a sink with a fair amount of counter space on the other side. So here, to my shame, is what that counter looked like a week ago:
Jewelry and makeup and hair stuff and heaven-knows-what just thrown haphazardly on the counter. Needless to say, it was getting to be a challenge to find some things, and it was past time to whip it back into shape. So that is what I did this week, and I think you'll agree it's a pretty big improvement:


I'd like to get even more cleared off the counter, but unless more cupboard magically appear, I don't think that's possible at this time. Already I've heard "what happened to the -----?" multiple times from the hubster. Apparently I put things in drawers that I had NO CLUE that he actually used! 

The master bathroom was also in good shape, although I realized there was some clutter that had gathered, like on this shelf. (Yes, that is a Pirates of the Caribbean skull alarm clock on top! Too funny!)  I just did a quick tidy of this one.

There is a very nice garden tub in the bathroom, which I love, but the wide edge is very tempting place for clutter to gather, and it had been awhile since I'd purged that.

Much better - the random items in the towel basket put where they really belonged, and it's back to its purpose of holding a few towels and bath items.

And the stuff on the other side corralled better.
And yes, I totally treated myself to a hot bubble bath after cleaning it all up so nicely.

I cannot believe I just shared pictures of my bathroom. What is wrong with me?!

At some point, I still need to tackle the linen/storage closet in the powder room. But I've decided that is a job for another day.

 This week is actually Week 12, and our assignment has been the family room and our DVD collections. I'm going to try to remember to include our progress on that job in my Homeschool Weekly post tomorrow. For the details of the assignment, go to Family, Faith, and Fridays. Join in if you haven't already, and check back next week for our progress!

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