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From the High School Lesson Book - Another Look Back at the Year In Review

From the High School Lesson Book - Another Look Back at the Year in Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Once again, it's time to take a look back at the school year and see what we'll be able to check off the list. Landon's portfolio has already been reviewed, and he is on track for his graduation, as long as he keeps up his current pace. Kennady's portfolio will be reviewed around the beginning of June, and she is doing fine with all she has going on, but now isn't the time to let up either!

From the High School Lesson Book - Another Look Back at the Year in Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Grammar and Composition - just finishing up the last little bit of Analytical Grammar, and we're continuing to work through the lessons in the Student Writing Intensive C. Shouldn't be any problem in finishing these up. Although, we need to get in an SWI lesson this afternoon in order to stay on pace.

Science - in great shape and getting pretty close to being finished already. This is the Survey of Science History and Concepts course from MasterBooks, and is an elective for Landon.

American History/American Lit/Biblical Worldview - He really is going to have to work hard to get through the rest of Notgrass Exploring America by the end of the year! But he is past all but one of the novels for the Lit portion, so that should help. (We are not reading all of the novels, so it's a half-credit in Lit instead of a full credit.) Lots of reading, but he knows what he needs to do and is working hard at it.

Percussion - continuing to work on DrumsWithWillie lessons and playing more regularly at church means this is an easy and fun credit.

Phys.Ed. - one more week of co-op gym class, plus other sports he plays more or less for fun. Besides that, there is regular Physical Training at Civil Air Patrol, so this half-credit presents no problem.

Electives - Civil Air Patrol is worth two credits this year, and obviously won't be any trouble to complete! Consumer Math isn't difficult for him, and even though he works on it sporadically, it will be done. I haven't checked since his portfolio review, but I'd say he's on the home stretch with Practical Drafting as well!

From the High School Lesson Book - Another Look Back at the Year in Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Grammar and Composition - We work on Fix-It! Grammar whenever it works out, and she is working on the Student Writing Intensive along with Landon, so progress is basically the same as his.

Brit Lit - Kennady had hoped to do a full credit Brit Lit course this year, but found that the amount of reading was too much for her to keep up with, along with everything else. So we scaled back to more of a half credit course, with a detailed study of just a couple of novels. Flexibility in homeschooling pays off again!

Algebra - I'm not real pleased with how this is going, mostly because she's having a hard time working at it regularly and therefore is not getting through nearly as much material as I'd wanted her to. She has also been doing the A+ Interactive Math mini-courses, which is very helpful as far as cementing some of the concepts she was hesitant about. This will be one of the subjects I will be pushing very hard on from now to the end of the year. And I will have her working on it at least a little bit through the summer in hopes that next year will be more productive.

Science - also doing the Survey of Science History and Concepts course, but not as far along in it as Landon. However, I think she'll be able to get finished or close enough. I've got a little stack of her work here to grade, so I need to get to that this afternoon.

Cultural Geography - although she's well behind where I had wanted her to be in this course, I'm not terribly worried about whether she'll be able to finish. What we need to do with this is do a week or two where I have her really focus on it and she should be able to catch up quite a bit. She has tended to neglect this course along with her Math, but when she works on it, it's all good. I've decided to cut the "extras" we were adding on, so she can get the essentials looked after.

Music - For Kennady, these credits are easy! She will earn a credit for Guitar, as she takes lessons and plays regularly at church; and she will also earn a credit for Choral Music, thanks to her participation in Children's Chorus.

Phys.Ed. - also in gym class, and plays various sports for fun. Easy.

Electives - the only other course Kennady had this year was a half-credit Health course. We went back and forth over whether she would do it this year or put it on hold and earn the credit next year, but in the end, I said it could wait. Getting the math and geography caught up to where they should be is more important at this point.

How is your year going? Will your students have everything completed by whatever deadlines you have? Leave a comment and let me know, and link up your posts about homeschooling high school here. Visit your neighbors and leave some encouraging comments!

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From the High School Lesson Book - Another Look Back at the Year in Review on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Meg Falciani said...

We're getting there. Luke is almost done -- it seems like every day he's crossing the last bit of something off his list, and the countdown to graduation is on. Damien's already moved on to first grade, and the other two are probably going to finish their years on time. This year really seems to have flown by.

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