Monday, July 18, 2016

Delight-Directed High School Credits

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Delight-Directed High School Credits - A Homeschool Coffee Break post for The Homeschool Post @

Let's face it - it's probably easier to go the Delight-Directed Learning approach with younger students than when they are in high school and you have the sense that everything needs to "count" for credit. I do know families that are able to cover all the necessary courses using a Delight-directed approach throughout high school, but for us and for most homeschool families we know, we need to find a balance between pursuing interests and meeting the requirements during these years.

If your student is planning on college, or wants to be prepared for college, you will more than likely need a transcript or records that communicate their course of study clearly to college administration. That doesn't mean you have to abandon delight-directed learning - but you might need to think through a course description. There are still lots of ways for your student to pursue those things that truly spark their interest and passion and customize their high school education to make the most of those interests.

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