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Homeschool Records and Books - What to Keep on The Homeschool Post

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Homeschool Records and Books - What to Keep (The Homeschool Post) on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - Making decisions about what to keep for homeschool records, completed work, and used curriculum

In our homeschool, it's very near the end of the school year, so we are trying to wrap things up. That means final grades and report cards, and then putting away the books. It also means that we're thinking about record-keeping logistics and decisions about what to keep and where to put it. For those of us that struggle to stay organized and control the amount of stuff we have, those are tough decisions. 

Keeping Records, Keeping Schoolwork, Keeping Curriculum

I prefer to keep homeschool records digitally, with lesson plans, assignment lists, grades, and report cards on the cloud using Homeschool Tracker Online
I bundle the schoolwork that I wanted to keep in a file folder at the end of the school year - one folder per student per year - and kept only the very best examples of their work. The only exception is artwork, which is stored in art portfolios, and we do keep a lot more of that.
When it comes to curriculum, my best advice (and I wish I'd always followed it myself) is to NOT keep curriculum after you've finished with it. Unless you have a very specific plan for using it for your next student within the next year or two, give it away, loan it out, or sell it at a deep discount to bless other homeschool families, rather than allow it to take up space and probably be forgotten anyway.

Join me over at The Homeschool Post for the rest of this post, which includes my tips for keeping homeschool records (using Homeschool Tracker Online), deciding how much of your student's work to keep, and what to do with curriculum after the school year is over. You'll also find lots of helpful articles there about record keeping and homeschooling in general.

How do you decide what to keep? Leave a comment and let me know!

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