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Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen

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Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool news  . . . One week closer to Christmas break, and we did experience many of the distractions that come with the season, but overall it was a fairly productive week. I know - how did that even happen? Well, for one thing, with the break in sight, we got a little extra motivation to see if we couldn't get stuff done so it wouldn't be sitting there waiting for us in January. And I did do a bit of nagging, I admit. And there was also the very real "threat" of some friends of mine actually asking her how Algebra was coming along!

It was the last week of co-op class until January, so all of Kennady's teachers (including me!) took it a bit easy on the students as far as homework over the break. Hopefully they won't wait until after New Years Day to get started on the homework though! Kennady's French class for this last week consisted of baking and assembling a Buche de Noel, and practicing a little French vocabulary while doing it.

Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Other news . . . we had our first real snow last weekend, but the hubster and I were still able to go out for dinner and then to my company Christmas party on Saturday evening. Sunday was the last day of hockey (in hubby's league) until the New Year, so Landon and Kennady have the next couple of Sunday evenings off too. Monday evening was my homeschool mom's Encouragement Group, and Kennady came along so she could hang out with some friends during that time. I once again spent my Tuesday evening at the shop roasting coffee while Kennady was at chorus. On Wednesday I finally got in to see a dentist about a tooth that had broken several weeks ago, so that was a relief! Except that the tooth has to be extracted. That doesn't really inspire relief, because I'm very anxious about having that done and I have to have nitrous oxide (laughing gas!) for the procedure, which means waiting until January before there's an open appointment. Ugh. At least an end to the discomfort is in sight.

What I'm Learning . . . I don't have time to finish these posts off and get them published during breaks at work. At least not during the holiday season. There just isn't enough break time. So I'm learning that I will have to get my Homeschool Highlights posts ready on Thursday evening and schedule them if I'm to be at all consistent in getting them published during the daytime on Friday!

Funny, Flop, or Fail of the Week . . . on Thursday at co-op, the girls made their beautiful Buche de Noel cakes. Which had to be taken home. So we did a pretty good job of putting Kennady's cake safely in the backseat and all was well until I had to drive a stretch of the highway through town. During the start of rush hour. And then a tractor trailer decided to randomly change lanes in front of us causing several vehicles to slam on the brakes. Including me. And in my defense, I really did not want to rear-end the fellow in front of me, nor was I eager to be side-swiped by said tractor trailer. So the Buche de Noel was the victim of this tragedy, as it slid onto the floor. Kennady crawled into the backseat while we were moving to pick it up. Feeling like she'd done a good job, and things weren't so bad, she went ahead and licked the icing off her fingers . . . and found that there had actually been a bit of gravel on the floor that had stuck to the icing. Eeeww. When we got home, we did salvage the cake by slicing that side off of it, and the rest was fine - just not as aesthetically pleasing!

By the way, I also managed to be a few minutes late to co-op on Thursday morning. Fail. Left co-op without taking all my cake ingredients back home with me. Another fail. And without taking a door prize Kennady had won. Fail, except that I didn't know about it, so the fail was really hers.

And I was so busy running about on Thursday that I never did get my Blogging Through the Alphabet post done (it's coming tomorrow!). And then this Highlights post is very late. Fails. *sigh* I keep telling myself it is just a really busy time of year and stuff happens.

I'm sharing this Flop in the weekly link-up called Friday Funnies, Flops, & Fails hosted by Doodlemom's Homeschooling Life.

I recommend . . . The Old Schoolhouse Magazine website for all the details on the big Molly Green sale going on now!

On my blogs last week . . .

Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I've been reading:

Isaiah's Daughter: A Novel of Prophets and Kings by Mesu Andrews
French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano
An Awakened Heart (Orphan Train): An Orphan Train Novella - Jody Hedlund

A parting shot . . . weirdly accurate holiday song titles as seen on my satellite radio.

Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights Holiday Edition - Week Fifteen on Homeschool Coffee Break @
Oh, I wish.

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Dawn Rebekah said...

The baking looks like so much fun. We are slowing down here for the season.
Blessings, Dawn

Mother of 3 said...

Glad you were able to save the cake with only a few minor alterations to it. What a fun French lesson though and one I know my son would love to tackle.

Deann | As We Bloom said...

Oh the poor cake! But I'm really glad you and your vehicle are okay!

Kelly ~ Our Everyday Harvest said...

I had to do a double-take...those satellite radio song titles had me laughing pretty hard. Thank you for hosting!

Doodle Mom said...

Oh, what a tale that Buche de Noel has to tell! Kennady did an awesome job with it, though! (I have tried rolled cakes before and they always turn into cake sandwiches. . . Thanks for linking up with me!

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