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The Benefits of Homeschooling Co-operatively on The Homeschool Post

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The Benefits of Homeschooling Co-operatively - from Homeschool Coffee Break @ - Join me for the rest of this article on The Homeschool Post @

Getting involved in a homeschool co-op might bring some mixed feelings. After all, aren't we homeschooling so we can be in control of our child's education? And didn't we have some objections to classroom settings? To be sure, co-ops aren't the right choice for all homeschool families, and not all co-ops are created equally. But the benefits of finding one that is a good fit for you and your kids make it an option that is worth considering!

Co-ops come in many sizes and styles, and the surest way to have a great experience is to find one that suits your style and meets your family's needs. A co-op can be as simple as a couple of families getting together in a home so the kids can have a slightly more structured craft and story time; or it can be very much like a small private school with classrooms, schedules, and homework. A co-op may be short-term or year-round; and it may be completely volunteer parent-led or it may make use of paid instructors.

Co-ops can benefit young students by giving them a chance to interact with other children in small groups and under a parent's supervision. Teen students benefit from the chance to socialize! And the chance to study subjects that might be harder for them to conquer on their own at home, or that their parent doesn't feel confident to teach. Students of all ages can benefit from the positive experience of a co-operative effort among like-minded homeschool families.

Join me over at The Homeschool Post where I share more about the benefits of co-ops for moms and for students. And as always, you'll find lots of helpful articles there about all kinds of homeschool topics. 

And if you are one of my local readers, you can find out more about the middle school and high school co-op we're participating in at Sure Foundation Homeschool Tutorial

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