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Homeschool Highlights - Family Camp Week

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This week's news  . . .  We spent the weekend at a family camp near Reading, and this was a weekend of firsts in a few ways. It was our first trip to the camp, although many from our church go there every year. (First for me and hubster and Kennady - Landon had been to camp with friends a few times before) And a first for us in the reason that we decided to go - our family forms one of the worship bands at our church, and we were asked to supply music for the Saturday night praise service and concert at the camp. In other words, it was our first time playing outside of the church - at least with the whole family. We had a great time playing and at the camp in general.

This is the tabernacle where we played - a really nice building!

We got home on Sunday afternoon so the hubster and I decided to go out for our anniversary dinner in the evening. Then on Monday it was back to work (and back to online college class for Kennady) for all of us. Spencer didn't actually go to work, but to an interview for a new job - which he landed! - and he will start there in another week. 

On Tuesday morning I attended the annual breakfast meeting for the reviewers in our homeschool oversight group. Although I'm finished homeschooling, I'm still involved with helping do the oversight, which is kind of like consulting at this point! I got my hair done in the afternoon, and that cut was actually rather overdue.

Wednesday was another busy day. Kennady and I met friends for coffee in the morning, then I dropped Kennady off to spend the afternoon with another friend while I ran a few errands and then tried to get some stuff done at home. I didn't get nearly enough done between distractions and power outages and who knows what else, and then it was time to pick Kennady up and drop off Landon's girlfriend at her workplace. When we got back home, my kids all left almost immediately and spent the evening with the young adult group from church, while I went on another errand run.

Thursday morning was back to homeschool related meetings again, as I had a co-op board meeting to attend. Then in the afternoon, Kennady and I drove to Baltimore to drop off another copy of her transcript for a scholarship application. Never mind that we'd already submitted two copies of her transcript - they had no record of those. As much as I hate driving into Baltimore, we did spot some beautiful churches and a few interesting buildings and murals.

And finally, last evening I went with Kennady and her friend to a chamber music concert at the college. Partly just because we could and it was free, partly because we were curious about what the music department's concerts are like, and mostly because Kennady needed to attend a concert in order to write a paper for the class! It was enjoyable, although not exactly what we'd expected, and Kennady has everything she needs to submit her paper today and complete her first college credit!

What's Working . . . At camp, they have a great building and great sound system, BUT they didn't have a short table top size mic stand like we needed for the drumbox we used for a couple songs. So we rigged up our own and it worked perfectly!

I recommend . . . checking out the Homeschool Review Crew Not Back to School Blog Hop which starts on Monday! I wish I could participate, but there just wasn't enough time!

On my blogs last week . . .

Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I finished Unshakeable: A Story of Unwavering Faith and Conviction by Elizabeth Wiens, and I've been reading:

The Yellow Lantern: True Colors: Historical Stories of American Crime by Angie Dicken
A Study In Scarlet Women (The Lady Sherlock Series) by Sherry Thomas
Britfield & The Lost Crown by C.R. Stewart

A parting shot . . . when the decorations for Vacation Bible School work for a photo booth background as well.

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