Friday, May 5, 2006

Catoctin Furnace

Yesterday we managed to combine an IRL, school, and fun!  I was able to meet up with an online friend, Dini, and her kids for the afternoon.  We packed picnic lunches and the kids spent some time playing at the tire park playground.  Then we moved on to a historic site - Catoctin Furnace - and spent some time there as well.  I live less than half an hour from Catoctin Furnace and had NEVER been there until yesterday.  LOL  Well, driven by any number of times and said "we should stop there sometime" but never actually stopped.  It is pretty neat!  I have some pictures that I will try to post later today, or in the next couple of days.  (With family visiting here, and an otherwise busy schedule, I can't just plant myself at the computer and play with the camera and photo hosting websites for as long as I'd like!)

Anyway, when two homeschooling moms and their total of eight kids get together at a historic site - school happens!  Thankfully I don't think the kids noticed.  LOL  Even more to be thankful - we hiked a quarter mile trail (Harrison is very sure it was longer than that.  Whatever.  No one was wearing a pedometer) and no one got lost or hurt!  Amazing.  Landon did fall into the creek and there were some very mild injuries associated with that, but mostly it was just a good old-fashioned soaking!  He did play ball in the evening, and did fine.  The kids also found a geo-cache, which was an unexpected reward for the hike! 

Looks like my time for this morning is about up.  The boys should be down momentarily for our Bible reading. 

On this day in the year:

1925:  Biology teacher John Scopes was arrested for teaching the theory of evolution, which was outlawed in Tennessee public schools; he was later convicted in the so-called "Monkey Trial."

How ironic that today a teacher is likely to be punished should they do the opposite.  I could go on and on about the nonsense known as the "Theory of Evolution" but as I said, my time is up. 


Prncsstefy said...

Did I mention how jealous I am about your IRL? LOL

Oh well, God willing, I'll be out your way next year so I can have my own IRL with you.

DanielleW said...

Yeah! Sounds like you two had a great time!

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