Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer School

Today we started Summer School.  I know, I know, I'm a mean mom. LOL  I made up assignment lists for Harrison and Spencer so they can see what they have left in Math and Language Arts, and we're doing some brief History lessons as well.  Harrison isn't completely happy with having this work to do, but to my way of thinking, we can buckle down and knock off the work that needs done NOW and then take a decent break later in the summer.  And I don't think it will be a bad thing if we can get a little bit of practice with a strict routine now before taking a break again.  that gives me a chance to see how the routines might work once we have a full schedule.


I did get started on lesson planning yesterday.  Not too much, but I browsed through the History/Social Studies and did a little planning there, and looked at the Science materials I have so that I could decide what to tackle first.  I was wanting to cover Astronomy and Geology next year, but I think we'll start the year with Geology and if it goes well, we can get some Weather study in at the end of that.  That's how I'm thinking now, anyway - it could change. 


This afternoon I will take Landon and Kennady to run errands with me, and we'll stop at the library to get them signed up for the summer reading program.  That will be their Summer School.  And maybe a fun night out too, as last year we got free Orioles tickets when we finished the reading program!


SuzyScribbles said...

No, I don't think you are mean. Just a little "touched." Seriously, I always did school in the summer--just like you--with reading and math review. Now I am older and...not wiser...just more tired. And I want MY summer off! :-)

Canadagirl said...

It has been fun reading what others are doing in the summer. We are doing our Math U See and readings plus a lot of crafts . Scrapbooking actually has LA ( hee and the kids don't know it. (0; ) We will be taking 3 weeks off when the cousins come in the middle of July. So there will be a lot of fun and relaxation too.

DanielleW said...

I don't think you are mean. I may very well have to immpliment summer school at some time or another. But so far, we are doing well.

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