Tuesday, December 20, 2016

52 Lists #50 - 2016 Accomplishments

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52 Lists #50 - Accomplishments on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

This week I have a tough assignment for 52 Lists at Beauty Full SlowList my accomplishments for 2016. Tough for two reasons - I feel like I'm bragging on myself; and I worry that I won't find much to brag about!  Anyway, here's what I did - I looked back at my Birthday Bucket List for the year to see how many items I was able to cross off, or at least worked on; and listed some of those here. And added a couple other things I thought of along the way.

  • I prayed a lot more in 2016. Perhaps it's not exactly an accomplishment, but it was one of my high priority goals.
  • I graduated another student from our homeschool! True, he gets the credit for the accomplishment, but I think it's appropriate that I feel some pride in that as well, since I was the teacher! Also, I  did a lot of the planning for his summer vacation with the family too; which meant attending major league baseball games - another bucket list item.
  • I started a new job! Actually, I got a couple of jobs over the year. I worked seasonally at a winery during the summer; and just last week I started a new job at a coffee roastery.
  • I read (and reviewed) 40 books. I thought I could read 49 books this year, and I have two that I should be able to finish by year's end, so I'm close. 
  • Shared nineteen Homeschool Review Crew reviews here on my blog, and more than 250 posts.
  • Started hosting a new weekly link-up here - Homeschool Highlights.
  • We got two kittens!
  • Worked on some home improvement projects, including painting the entry and stairwell, and redecorating in the family room.
  • I got an Instagram account. Most of the time I am still kinda clueless as to why I am bothering, but I have an account and even remember to use it sometimes!
  • I splurged on nail wraps for myself from Jamberry, and I'm a little obsessed with having nifty nails now!
  • My hair is all grey now! I like to think of it as silver. Crazy, but that was my goal - to have grown out all the old color and be completely grey by the time I turned 50. I recently got a little help from OVertone to enhance the silver in my hair rather than just be boring grey; and I am loving it!
The greatest accomplishment is not in never failing, but in rising again after you fall. ~Vince Lombardi

What have you accomplished this year? Don't be shy; leave a comment and let me know, and visit Beauty Full Slow to congratulate others on the great things they've done in 2016!

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Mother of 3 said...

Those are wonderful accomplishments; I have a slight obsession with jamberry wraps!

Brenda Prince said...

What a great list.. And I like silver grey hair.. :)

Brittney Mom's Heart said...

What a great list of accomplishments! I fail miserably with Instagram, though I like it better than my blog's Facebook page, haha!

Michelle said...

Praying more is a wonderful accomplishment and I must admit that my kids sometimes let me put the sticker on the sticker chart for completing another lesson because I feel quite accomplished, haha. :) And when my oldest graduated - well it was my accomplishment too. ♥ Congrats on all the others too - looks like a great year. :)

Beauty full Slow said...

Congratulations on graduating another student! It really is an accomplishment to be proud of :) Thank you for participating in the 52 lists.

May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

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