Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blogger Friend School Assignment #15 {Button Tales}

For this assignment we are share stories about the family button box, button can or button jar.


My Grandma, my Mom, and my Aunt all have had button boxes or button jars of some kind.  And in keeping with tradition, I have a button jar too, although I am not sentimental or overly frugal with the buttons that are in it.  Mine contains mostly "leftovers" - from when I'd buy a card of buttons for a particular project and then needed only two or three of the five on the card.  Occasionally I have kept buttons from an item of clothing that was headed for the rag bag.  The little collection has come in handy many times.

I don't remember anything specific about my family's button collections, but several years ago I was made this cross-stitch sampler for my Mom, which has random buttons sewn onto the corners.  I don't have a picture of the one I made, this picture is from the book that contained the pattern:

The poem on it reads:


A button here from Grandma's gown

Worn on her wedding day;

Another from mine, a pearl one,

Precious as words can say.

That one is from my husband's shirt,

A blue one, I recall.

And those are from the baby's things,

That's why they are so small.

There's buttons here from children's clothes

Discarded through the years.

Buttons recalling happy times,

And some recalling tears.

Counting the different buttons

Sewn here around my rhyme

I see they form a history

Of a family -


If you're not already a Blogger Friend Student, why don't you join us?  The assignments are fun and you don't lose marks if you decide to skip one or if (like me) you're sometimes late!  Nancy is our hostess and we welcome new friends.  Head over to Nancy's Nook to read other entries and to get started in our school!


andijeane said...

What a beautiful poem! I've been amazed at the number of button stories everyone has; this has been a really fun assignment.

Thanks for sharing!


mamasmurf said...

I love that poem! Glad you are carrying on the tradition, too.


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