Friday, April 11, 2008

Show and Tell {First Tooth Lost}

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I had hoped to get this done earlier in the day, but that's how it goes sometimes.  Today is Show & Tell Friday with CanadaGirl - head over to her blog to join in the fun!

I think I can keep today's Show & Tell pretty short and sweet.  My short, sweet daughter finally lost her first tooth yesterday.  Well to be accurate, she did not lose it, I lost patience and pulled it out.  LOL  She had it hanging by a thread and I didn't think it was a good idea for her to go to bed with it like that.  So she agreed to let me pull it out once and for all.  She also informed me that she had a second tooth starting to get loose, so I told her that the Tooth Fairy Rules state clearly that only ONE tooth can be loose at a time, so the first one had to come out.

Here she is showing how loose the tooth is - it is leaning forward at a 90* angle and resting on her bottom lip when she smiles!

First Tooth Lost (TBT post) on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Not such a happy face immediately after I yanked the tooth out:

First Tooth Lost (TBT post) on Homeschool Coffee Break @

If your tooth offends you, pull it out????

First Tooth Lost (TBT post) on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Enjoying the new space:

First Tooth Lost (TBT post) on Homeschool Coffee Break @

She showed me this morning that she can "whistle" now, through the space.  LOL

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MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

My Habanero would be happy to assist in the next loose tooth extraction. He's rather skilled. . .


Your daughter is adorable! :')

bubbebobbie said...

Oh This is my favorite age!


Because of Jesus, Bobbie

mamakaren said...

Sweet photos!

Blessings, Mama Karen

blessedwith2angels said...

Losing a tooth is always lots of fun when you're that age. She is so cute.


SuzyScribbles said...

Oh that first tooth! A milestone. Good for you, Mom, to get that offending thing out of there. :-)

drewsfamilytx said...

Eeek! That tooth definitely needed to come out!

Enjoy those small, cute little teeth while you can... they turn into weird and too-large-for-their-mouth teeth before you know it! :-)

tiredmom said...

Congrats to your daughter on the loss of her first tooth. I'm really impressed she let you pull it out. I would have run a mile at the thought of pain or even potential pain!

Canadagirl said...

I came here to thank you for your prayers. ( I updated if you want to know. ((hugs)) ) And.... I noticed I missed this GREAT S&T. How did I miss it I do NOT know. ((sorry))

Yeah for first tooth out. Your little girl is growing up !

I am just loving all the things you are sharing lately. I pray blessings and ((hugs)) on you and your family.

Hee he on the salt and vinegar chips. Do they have them in the states ???? I thought it was just a Canadian thing. [0;



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