Friday, June 27, 2008

Show & Tell {Catbird}

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So... we got a wireless mouse for the computer last week, which requires a USB port.  That being the port that I use to load pictures from my camera.  And I forgot to get DH to show me how I should load the pictures from now on.  So today I am sharing an older picture.  LOL


Almost a month ago, Kennady and I stopped at the grocery after a ball game, and noticed a bird on the sidewalk in front of the store that didn't seem to be disturbed by the people walking past.  We had a closer look, and this little bird held his ground and didn't act at all nervous by our presence.  We think perhaps it had flown into the window several minutes earlier and wasn't quite recovered yet.  But it was odd that he seemed so calm and wasn't breathing quickly the way startled birds will do.  Anyway, being a good homeschool mom  I got out my camera and took a couple pictures and Kennady and I knelt there and watched and talked for awhile before heading into the store to do our shopping. 


I'm not a birdwatching expert, but I studied a lot of field guides growing up and learned a little about identifying birds.  This is, to the best of my knowledge, a young Grey Catbird:




A close relative of the catbird is the Northern Mockingbird, and we have a pair nesting in a tree in our backyard.  They are here every summer, but we've never found their nest before.  Mr Mockingbird likes to perch on our TV antenna tower, but its terribly difficult to get a picture of him when he's up there. 


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blessinghill said...

Poor little thing! You got a great shot of him and he's very pretty. Hope it didn't take long for him to recover.

Stef said...

Yep, that's a catbird! Wish I could have seen it. Thanks for sharing your photo!

sahmto4orMore said...

That is a handsome little bird. I like to watch the birds around here, and feed them, too.

We have a lot of mockingbirds. They like the dog food on our porch.

solidrock said...

What a cute bird. We have several American Goldfinches in our garden this year. Such a joy to observe.

mamakaren said...

They sound like cats too!

Blessings, Mama Karen

bethanyrae said...

So cool to see one so close. I hear one way out back each summer. It sounds like a kitty way up high in a tree. ha.


sonoranstamper said...

This is a great pic.

He must, apparently, not be camera shy!!

See how even going to the grocery store turns into teaching? Us home school moms never take the teacher hat off, huh!?!

Thanks for sharing,


SuzyScribbles said...

Oh, how sweet! Did it eventually fly off? Nice pics!

Canadagirl said...

Cool ! I have never seen one of these. I LOVE birdwatching ! I love it when bloggers show pics of birds in their area. Maybe that could be a S&T theme. [0= Thank you for sharing !!! I will get you the temp. after the 4th. I am swamped till then.

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

In Him<><


Clemons said...

It's funny how some creatures don't seem to be afraid of humans. Maybe it was raised close to people.

Sandpiper said...

What a cute little bird! I have to remember to take my camera with me more often!

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