Friday, June 13, 2008

Show & Tell {End of the Year?}

Well, it's time again for Show & Tell with CanadaGirl, and since I've been neglecting my blog lately, I thought this might be a good opportunity to get caught up a bit.


Late spring is a busy time of year - we have two kids playing baseball (my last S&T entry) and those schedules keep us hopping!  And of course we are busy, as always, with church commitments.  DH is extra busy at work this time of year as well.  On top of all of the extra-curricular busy-ness, it is the "official" end of the school year, and I need to get report card information sent in to our oversight.  All of us that have had experience in public school or at college are familiar with the term "cramming" I believe - and that is what happened in our homeschool this year as well.    Report cards have been sent away - barely on time - but is that the end of the school year? Not for us.  Way back in September I thought it would be, but it didn't work out that way.  That's okay, because we've done year-round school before, so its nothing new for us to have at least a couple of subjects still going through the summer months.


We finished our weather unit in Science, and had a very short Oceans unit to end the year.  The last demonstration we did involved ocean currents - how cold and warm water interact.  The pictures didn't turn out very clearly, but here they are:

The colored water had pretty much spread out by the time we got the picture, but you can kind of see the swirl pattern near the opening of the mini Coke bottle (yes, we used a mini Coke bottle to do the experimment - it was the perfect fit for the bowl!)  We took a clear glass bowl and filled it with cold water, then filled the small bottle with very warm water with red food coloring.  Then we put the bottle on its side in the bowl and slowly uncovered the opening.  The warmer water rose to the top of the cold water and made a little "current" pattern that we could see.  Then we tried again, with the opposite - bowl filled with warm water, the colored water in the bottle was cold:

I took this picture a little earlier, so you can see that the cold water sank and spread more slowly.


We tried saltwater painting, but that didn't turn out at all.  I think I should have put WAAAAAAAAAAY more salt in the solution.  I'll remember that if we ever try it again.  The picture of Kennady painting was cute (of course I think ALL pictures of Kennady are cute.  LOL) so I'll share that anyway:


Something else that's kept us busy lately is the youth center at our church.  We've had a couple of parties and special events lately, celebrating our youth pastor.  Pastor Donnie has just moved to New Brunswick to do youth ministry at a church there.  We're sad to see him go.  Donnie is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, so at the Vault Wednesday night farewell party a couple weeks ago, we had a GIANT sheet of brownies decorated just for him:


And finally... last Saturday Harrison and I worked at our yard sale and car wash fundraiser.  The proceeds were to support our missions trip team going to Honduras later this summer.  It was a HOT day!!!!  The sale was successful, and we have more fundraising activities coming up.  Harrison and I are finally getting our support letters sent out to friends and family as well, so please pray with us that we are able to raise the necessary funds.  Anyway, back to the yard sale - of course I was happy to buy some of the items for sale myself - money I probably would have spent anyway, and this way it also helped raise support.  However, Kennady fell in love with something that I wouldn't have bought otherwise, but since it was still there at the end of the day, I did.  Here is her new (antique?) school desk:

(yes its in my kitchen LOL)  She got right to work on her Math:

(and that's her newly awarded baseball trophy stnading guard over her as she works)

To participate in Show & Tell, or see what others are sharing this week, head over to CanadaGirl's blog and join in the fun!


kimalita said...

I use to have a desk just like that many moons ago -- I loved sitting at it! What a cutie Miss Kennady is!

The brownies looks delish! Way to go on the decorating job.

We did that same experiment for our weather unit --- to watch the currents. Very fun! Nice job. Love the little coke bottle -- that was a perfect fit to that bowl.

So you must be under an umbrella school or something similar. I'm guessing that since you have to turn in report cards and other things. How do you like that? Is that the only way you've schooled?

We are enjoying our summer......I was thinking of working on our weather unit today, but maybe we'll just sit out at the pool instead. We'll see. We can do a little reading and then sunbathe or swim!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

solidrock said...

We have been meaning to do that science experiment! Looks good. Love the desk. It is so pretty painted blue. I had one when I was younger.

blessinghill said...

Sound like the kids have had a great time. I love the school desk you bought!

bethanyrae said...

That's an interesting experiment to do. I hadn't seen that one. And I sure remember those desks! How many hours do you suppose we spent at one of those??!


jenn4him said...

It's weird how I am always busier in the summer than during the school year, when I plan to slow things down. It just doesn't happen.


Kinley said...

I love the school desk!


Gina said...

We're getting ready to do that experiment... salt painting? That sounds fun~ I love the desk... and I really, REALLY need one of those brownies right now! :D

Thanks for sharing~


Dot said...

Cool experiments. Love the desk. Yes that is an old one, Someone sure kept it up nicely.

kimalita said...

ooo I hope you find a few of your nests with new life in them......its so very exciting, this is our first experience!

happy day to you!

bethanyrae said...

Thanks for your story about the "boys" with the rackets. I read it to my hubby and he said something about how it had to have been boys. Girls just don't seem to do these things....


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