Friday, July 25, 2008

Show and Tell {Summer Fun}

Its time for Show and Tell again!! To participate or see other entries in this highlight of the week, visit CanadaGirl


On Monday I took the kids to a mountain lake beach near here.  We went with three other families and it was the perfect beach day in many ways.  Sometimes that beach is quite crowded, especially when busloads of kids from daycamps or schools in the city show up.  But lucky for us, despite the perfectly clear and hot day, no busloads arrived!! So it was relatively quiet, and with fewer people on the north beach, it was also not too difficult for the moms to keep an eye on their kids without having to be right next to them at all times.




Landon volunteered to be buried in the sand (I supervised this very closely, because I knew it could be dangerous - and told them not to do that ever again):


On Tuesday I took Kennady to the playground, and in some ways she is just a teen girl.  Most notably, she likes to take pictures of herself with the digital camera.  LOL  Here she is:

And then she needed a picture of the two of us.  I hate pictures of myself.  But if I can get past the fact that I'm not wearing makeup and my double chin shows in this one, I guess its not too bad. 


I guess my Show & Tell for this week is not terribly exciting, but to me, it sums up much of our summer experience.  Taking a little extra time to do some fun things and be silly.


blessedwith2angels said...

I think that sounds like an awesome summer. The kids look like they are having an awesome time. The only problem for me would be the mountain lake water. I bet it is cold!


whirlwind said...

What a fun time! I especially like the "buried in sand" picture. =)

blessinghill said...

That mountain lake looks like a lot of fun! My daughter likes to take pictures of herself too - guess it's a girl thing.

CelticMom said...

Our posts don't need to be terribly exciting - they just need to be real and to be fun. And you scored aces on those two points. You are building great memories for your children!

That lake looks so refreshing - especially to someone here in the Sonoran Desert at the end of July, lol!!

Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!


SuzyScribbles said...

Busloads of daycare/camp kids is a nightmare. That happened to me at a little fountain up at the Mud Mt. park one day when I took my grandkids to cool off. Disaster!

Why is the water green?

sonoranstamper said...

Not exciting? These are the ones the kids will always remember. Those are the ones I remember!

This looks like a great lake!! We do pools here in the desert. Sometimes I miss just sitting at a beach with a good lake to dip in!! I'll just enjoy it vicariously through you!

Thanks for sharing,


mamakaren said...

It a perfect time at a beach when it isn't crowded!

I am glad that it went well for you and your children. And, makeup isn't necessary look fine. (-:

Hugs, Mama Karen

jenn4him said...

Well, it is a fun summer post, so in my book it's a winner!


Kinley said...

That looks like a great spot to play and relax.


solidrock said...

Awesome summer fun! My kids love going to the lake and spending hours in and out of the water.

Canadagirl said...

What could be a better S&T ???? We want to see what our SS'sIC are doing. And beach time is VERY FUN .[0=

Those are very sweet pics of you two. ( with or w/out make are pretty)

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

In Him<><


BChsMamaof3 said...

Looks like you all are having an awesome summer!



ThreeLittleLadies said...

That lake looks like a nice place to enjoy with kids. I've never heard about the dangers of being buried in the sand. Can you fill me in?

Thanks for posting a pic of yourself. I haven't seen one before.


Haflingerhorses said...

I love mountain lakes - my favorites are in New York and Pennsylvania. Great show and tell!


bethanyrae said...

What a perfect looking day! Could use some more of those around here.....


kimalita said...

What a lovely water day! It reminds me of Oregon, is that where you are? My dh is from there and we've swam in lakes with similar surroundings.

Love the sand picture --- brings back memories for me!

Enjoy your evening!

floridasunsets said...

Looks like everyone had a good time in the great outdoors! And don't be so hard on yourself about your picture. One, you look great without makeup and two, I didn't even notice the chin until you said something. I just noticed how wonderful you two look together. Thanks for sharing.


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