Friday, July 11, 2008

Show & Tell {My Dream Garden}

For this week's Show & Tell with CanadaGirl, I'm going to show and tell about someone else's "show!"  While on vacation in Ontario, we were able to visit with some friends of ours and enjoyed the garden showplace they had created in their backyard.  My younger two children weren't really interested in sitting in the shade at the patio table so I suggested that they explore the garden, and gave them my camera so they could take pictures if they wanted to.  At the end of our visit, we toured the garden as well and I took a couple more pictures, but I think all but one of the ones I'm sharing today were taken by Landon (9yo) or Kennady (just days shy of 7yo at the time). 


If I had a green thumb, THIS is the kind of garden I would absolutely LOVE to have. 














 Our friends told us that this garden had been "inspired" by a Bed & Breakfast at which they had once stayed, and that almost all of the "props" are things that have been picked up from trash.  Keith made the bird feeders himself, and they have designed their own squirrel "baffles" on some of them.  I just loved this peaceful little oasis right in the city!  There were many birds and butterflies - and apparently squirrels too!  And I'm proud of the job my young photographers did on their pictures as well!


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solidrock said...

Such a magical garden! I love it! Rooms with hidden treasures for the eyes and soul.

Lilyofthevalley4 said...

Simply beautiful!!! Enjoyed the pictures. :)

CelticMom said...

Wow - What a beautiful garden! And your young photographers did a wonderful job!! :)

Thanks for visiting - I always enjoy catching up with you. Don't comment enough, I know, LOL!

Have a lovely weekend!


Sandpiper said...

What a cute little garden, with lots of things for the kids to explore!

I also enjoyed your Zamboni post below!

Just to let you know, I put a link in my post about French rolling pins.

MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

Oh, I dream of a garden like that, too! *sigh* I grow daylilies really well? Somehow, it's not the same. :'P

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