Monday, March 19, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: March 19, 2012

This past week saw some progress and some - well, not so much.
  1. Grading and co-op projects. Done - sort of.  I was feeling pretty good about the grading, and then on Wednesday all the kids dumped Language Arts stuff on my desk for me to grade.  My least favorite subject for grading.  I did get my co-op project done though.
  2. Taxes and other stuff on my desk. Progress. Desk is looking much better, and the taxes are pretty much done.  I have to do Harrison's taxes too, so I need to wait until I've finished his to make sure I haven't missed anything before I actually file.   
  3. Tidy up the sewing area. Tiny amount of progress. I did clean up a couple things, but there's not a noticeable difference yet.   
  4. Reading... Done. Finished one of the novels as I'd planned.
  5. Blog Goals...Done.  Got both reviews up, and updated my book blog.  My blog 'schedule' was pretty off this week though.  
  6. Meal planning.  Done. 
  7. Decluttering... Progress.  
Once again, most of the goals for this week will be pretty much the same as always.

  1. Grading and co-op projects.  Once I get the grading caught up, again, I have only two co-op projects to prepare! I will have a "guest teacher" the final week of co-op.  The end of third quarter is coming up, which means I will need to be ready to do report cards.
  2. FILE the taxes.  
  3. Get together books and curricula for sale.  My homeschool group is holding a yard-sale style book sale on Saturday, which is a great opportunity for me to (hopefully) get rid of a lot of the stuff that we don't need any more.
  4. Tidy up the sewing area.  Seriously.  I need to get this done.  And since Landon will have patches and whatever that I have to add to his Civil Air Patrol uniform, there will be a little added impetus to get this looked after.
  5.  Reading... daily reading and I will aim to finish at least one novel again this week.
  6. Blog Goals... One review sometime this week.  Keep up with my schedule, such as it is, and keep the book blog updated as I plan the move.
  7. Meal planning.
  8. Decluttering...

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