Monday, May 21, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: May 21, 2012

I know already that I didn't get much on the list done this week.
  1. Work on getting rid of school materials we no longer need. Not done.  Other than starting to compile a list of what I need to get rid of, I have hardly looked at this.
  2. Clean up my desk.  Not much progress.  Like last week, I did keep my computer desk in order, but didn't see much improvement on the other.
  3. Start making appointments to do end-of-year evaluations.  Not done.  Only one appointment made.  Need to get those appointments made this week!
  4. Reading... Not done.  It is crazy to think that I didn't meet a reading goal, but I sure didn't.  I was unsuccessful in finding a copy of Henry V, but I am not crazy about the idea of reading it on the computer monitor (oh how I wish I had a Kindle!), so I think I may have to skip that for now.   And shame on me, but the Bible reading was hit and miss last week.
  5. Blog goals...Done! Wow, finally I can say I finished something I set out to do!  I did get all the Blog Hop posts up, as well as one review.  
  6. Baking.  Progress.  We got some baking done during the week, but once again opted not to bake bread.
  7. Healthier food habits and meal plans.  Progress.  Meal planning was very difficult this week because of all the activities we had going on in the evenings, but I did manage to get a decent meal on the table most days.
  8. Decluttering... Progress.  Got a few things looked after inside the house, and we decluttered a section of the front landscaping! LOL
  9. This week's errands and to-do list: Complete.
A few of our "outside" activities like choir and midweek church activities are finished for the season, so our schedule is changing and becoming a bit more relaxed.  I hope.  Maybe after this week is over, it will be more relaxed! 

  1. Final grades and report cards, sort out school materials.  Final grades are due next week, but I think I can probably get them done this week, depending on how much is left to do in the couple of subjects we're still working on.  As we finish, I am getting things ready to cart off to our end-of year evaluation.  And I'll be setting aside the things I would like to give away or sell as we go.
  2. Clean up my desk.  We started tossing around some possible ideas for rearranging bedrooms a couple days ago, and one of the suggestions involved moving one of my desks.  I don't think we'd actually go with that plan, but I think it would be great to have the desk organized so I could move it if I wanted to!  I need to make some noticeable progress with it this week.
  3. Appointments for end-of-year evaluations.  Got to make those calls this week!
  4. Reading... I think I will move on to the next play in the Shakespeare study, in hopes that I can acquire a hard copy to read.
  5. Blog goals... I don't have any reviews due for a couple weeks, so I can relax a little.  It's a good time to work on some of the "bonus" things like tidying up the old posts that I've migrated here, getting a new home for my book blog set up, fooling with widgets and blog buttons and such...  But honestly, other than the memes I am planning to do this week anyway, I am not setting a specific goal.  
  6. Baking.  The kids made a list of things they would like to bake with me, so hopefully we can get to one or two of those this week.
  7. Meal planning.  We have our gas grill back in working order, so I can confidently include grilled foods on my menu plan now!  
  8. Decluttering... Landon's Civil Air Patrol squadron is collecting items for a fund-raiser yard sale, which is a golden opportunity for me to get rid of some things - IF I can get them together by tomorrow afternoon.  Also, the conversation about changing the boys' bedroom arrangements underscored the need to get rid of things we really don't need or use.  Even if we don't move any furniture - and I doubt we will - maybe the possibilities raised will help motivate us.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes: softball, CAP, grad rehearsal and ceremony, and a number of phone calls and appointments to be made.  

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Debbie Phillips said...

Well, I have had weeks like this before. I sure hope this week is much better. Keep going, chasing your goals, getting things done. We are winding down our year too and gearing up for my 3rd child to graduate from our homeschool. Only one more to go. Have a great week.

Blossom Barden (NorthLaurel) said...

Progress is progress :) It counts! :) You've reminded me I need to get 'grades' and report cards made up. We don't 'have to' have them but we like them.
Hope you have a great week :)

Anonymous said...

Last year I didn't get the kids' end of year evaluations out until October (they are due at the end of June). That's NOT good. I've already started on them this year.

Keep on plugging away at your goals! You are getting things done and that is what matters!

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