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TOS Review - CapJaxMathFax

If you've read my blog much, you're probably aware that math isn't Kennady's best subject.  If you've haven't read here before, let me just tell you - Math isn't Kennady's best subject.  It's not her favorite subject either, and that's not surprising given that it's not something that comes easily for her.  In my opinion, she dislikes it and struggles with it mainly because she is having trouble memorizing math facts.

Through the TOS Homeschool Crew, we got a chance to see if sailing with CapJaxMathFacts would help us out with those pesky math facts!


CapJaxMathFacts is a computer program designed to give students a fun way to practice their math facts.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are included, and can be drilled separately or in a combination.  The program automatically generates the problems and automatically scores them - and each problem is timed separately.  Students get immediate feedback, and the program is designed to help students quickly recall math facts.


We got to try the program with an instant download that was really easy to install.  And so, Captain Jack welcomed Kennady aboard! Let's check the ship's log and see how she's doing...
First Mate Kennady reports a number of things she likes about CapJaxMathFacts.  It's very easy to do and she likes that it goes over the problems until she gets them right, and there's bonus points to be earned for "Super Answers"  (Supers are correct answers that are given very quickly - you can choose how many seconds are allowed for an answer to be considered Super.)  Kennady liked checking her progress on the graph, but she could also see it at a glance at the side of the screen.  She could choose which facts to work on, what level to start with, and how many facts would be in a set.


It really did help with subtraction facts, and her multiplication and division facts are coming along well too.  Having quicker recall of those basics is helping her get through her math lessons more quickly and with less frustration.

Kennady especially liked the quotes and trivia that appeared in the pop-up at the end of sets of problems too.  That little reward of seeing what the quote would be was quite the motivator, along with working towards merit badges improving her ratings.  She was working to beat her own times, always getting better.  She got really distracted when she knew I was watching though! LOL

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What we liked best:

  • it's not time-consuming.  Just a few minutes a day was enough and was helpful, although Kennady often stayed at it for much longer!
  • ability to customize - we can decide which facts table (or a combination) to work on.
  • there are a few options for printing the screen so we can keep a record of her progress if we wish
  • seeing the improvement in her times on the graph and sidebar, and on her regular math lessons too!
Keep in mind that this is a supplement to other math lessons, designed to help students with confident instant recall of math facts.  

With summer break coming up, I am planning on encouraging Kennady to spend a little time with CapJaxMathFacts most days to continue to gain proficiency with them and so she doesn't forget over the summer.  I think it will be perfect for that, and it's a great tool for any student that needs some practice with their facts because it's WAY more fun that flash cards!

Would you like to sail with Captain Jack? Here's what you need to know:

Visit the CapJaxMathFacts website to find out all about the program. The download is available for $29.95, or on CD for a small additional fee.  You can do a free evaluation of the program by using this link:  Free Evaluation


Visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog for more information, and to read other Crew member reviews.

Disclaimer: As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, we received a complimentary download edition in exchange for our honest opinions.


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