Monday, July 23, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: July 23, 2012

Last week was very busy with driving school every morning and VBS every evening, but I guess I didn't do too badly on my list.
  1. Clean up my desk, and some other stuff that really needs it.  Progress, but not much. This was just not a priority this week, despite it being first on this particular list.
  2. Baking and meal planning. Done.  Simple and quick meals every night, I did a little baking on the weekend, and we made fudge (finally!) as planned.  It's almost gone, so DH suggested we make the next batch!
  3. Decluttering... Not done.  No time.
  4. Reading... Done! Finished Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and the other books I was working on.
  5. Blog goals... Done! Review posted, and I worked ahead on the blog hop entries for next week.
  6. Lesson planning. Done! Everything is in the Homeschool Tracker, except Latin and I'm debating whether to put that in the Tracker and schedule it, or just fit it in along the way.  
  7. Vacation plans.  Done! At least the part of it that I wanted to get done last week.  Bought tickets to the Airshow we plan to go to, and I put a hold on the accommodations there.  I do need to call the motel back today and confirm those.  I also pinned a bunch of ideas of places to visit!
  8. This week's errands and to-do list: Complete!
I don't think I have nearly as much running around to do this week, but we are also easing into our new school year, and don't have a schedule figured out yet.
  1. Clean up my desk - and some other things. I need to re-state that just because this is in the #1 position on this list doesn't indicate that it's a top priority! Just that it needs to get done, and I didn't really work on it last week.  With more schoolwork on the plan for this week, it will be important to at least maintain enough order around the desks that we can work.  So hopefully I can tackle this a little more this week.
  2. Baking and meal planning.  I'm delivering a meal today to a family that just welcomed a new baby, so that's one meal for sure that is planned since I'll double up and we'll have the same thing!  With evenings a little more open this week, meals should be easier to plan, and I'll have my dishwashing crew at home every evening too.  LOL   
  3. Decluttering... yeah.  Should work on that some more.  
  4. Get the old school year "put away" and the new school year books organized on the shelf. This is sort of a sub-category to the decluttering and cleaning up my desk, but it's probably the most important of those things right now, so I decided to list it separately.
  5. Reading... Next on my Shakespeare list is Hamlet, so I'm looking forward to starting on that.  I've got a few books on the "should read" pile which is less exciting than the "want to read" pile, but I've read a lot more fluff recently than usual so I plan to start on one of the more serious books this week.
  6. Blog goals... One review due this week, and getting my Blog Hop entries ready to roll out each day for next week.  
  7. School... I think I will have to move this to a higher position on the list in weeks to come, just so it looks like it's higher priority!  We are doing History already, and I'm letting Kennady start her Art course this week.  (Letting - she wants to! LOL) I'm trying to ease us into the full schedule, and get some stuff done early so we can take some vacation time later on without guilt.  Naturally the kids are not exactly thrilled.  Cowboy up, kids.
  8. Vacation planning. Confirm my reservations today and start mapping out the rest of the plans.  Figure out how to afford the whale-watching trip that's on the wish list.  Really, how can we go to Atlantic Canada and NOT take the whale-watching trip?  Exactly.  I think we have to find a way to make it happen.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes:  an oil change, some shopping, CAP and Bible study.  Thankfully, that list looks pretty short at this point! I bet things get added to it as the week goes on though.

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Debbie said...

You got a lot done last week. You had a great week. I hope you are having as great a week this week as you had last week. I hope you are having a good weekend too. I have a lot of decluttering to do in my bedroom also. I have a lot of reading to do too, but the next 2 weeks are going to be Olympics heavy and other things light because they only come around once every 4 years for the Summer Games. God Bless and have a great weekend.

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