Saturday, August 4, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Dirt

I'm really late with Think Back Thursday this week.  And I'm stretching it with the theme a little too.  The theme for this week is Earth or Dirt.  Now... I know that sand is not technically dirt, but I was running late, and since this is not science class, I hope this will do.

These are a couple of pictures of Harrison, my oldest son, when he was about a year and a half old.  At the time, we lived across the street from the beach in Ocean City, NJ.

I chose these pictures because they brought back some great memories of our time living in ocean-front property, and because that boy is now almost 20 years old, and it's (indirectly) his fault that I'm late in posting.  

I had these pictures in mind on Thursday evening, but we were busy getting him packed up to go on a mission trip to Haiti and I just didn't have time to get back to the computer.  I thought, "no problem, I'll post it sometime on Friday" but late Thursday night, after we'd dropped Harrison off at the pastor's home, he phoned me.  (Background: Harrison and our pastor are the two guys from our church going on the trip, their flight was scheduled to leave very early Friday morning, so Harrison just spent the night over there so that *I* didn't have to drive him to the airport.)  Their flight out of Baltimore had been cancelled, and they'd had to get a flight out of Washington instead in order to make their connection in Newark.  The good news is: they got another flight and made the connection.  The bad news: they now needed a ride.  And because I'm a homeschool mom with nothing to do all day (hahaha!!) they called me.  So after a couple of hours of sleep, I picked them up at 330am and drove them to the airport.  And then after dropping them off, my gas tank was empty, but when I finally found a gas station, it wasn't open yet ---- so I waited in their parking lot for almost an hour until it was.  And then drove back home.  And went to bed again.

So long story short, I was very sleep-deprived all day Friday and didn't get this done.  As far as I know, Harrison is now in Haiti, and I imagine he'll get quite dirty doing whatever work it is he'll be doing there this week.  

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Debbie Phillips said...

Sure... sand counts... it is part of the land, thus earth and is made from minerals which originally came from rock... it's all good!! Thanks for joining up. Hope you are recovered from your sleep deprivation. Love looking back at my kids and others kids... one of the reasons I wanted to do and continue this meme. It's fun to remember "the good old days" and the not so good old days too. Some things that are not so fun when you go through them are part of our story and enjoyed in later years. I too loved looking back at previous places we lived which is why I was grateful to find the photo of my daughter and her dad on our long dirt driveway. I hated living there, we were way out of town and I had hardly any friends. I felt so alone, but now I have sweet memories of that time because my girls were so young when we lived there.

God bless and have a great week. Thanks again for joining up.

Kym said...

I like your thinking on why sand counts! ;-) One of our houses in NJ had a very long dirt driveway, but I never took pictures of it. The house right on the shore is one of the coolest memories because how many people can say they lived right on the beach like that? We have been very blessed in so many ways.

Thanks for coming by, even though I was late!

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