Thursday, August 9, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Fire

The theme this week is Fire.  I have so many memories of campfires and bonfires through all my growing up years right up until the present.  My dad loved to build campfires, and since many of our family vacations were camping trips, we spent lots of time around a fire.  But I can't remember taking pictures of fires - ever.  Until a few years ago when DH discovered a new way to make our bonfires more entertaining.  Every holiday season we find some of our light strings that stop working for some reason.  A few years ago we stopped throwing those strings away, and instead we keep them for some extra colorful bonfires in our backyard or during a camping trip.

I don't recommend roasting marshmallows over this kind of fire.  Need a school tie-in?  It's the copper in the wiring that is most responsible for the colored flames.  

Sorry, no people in the same picture as the fire, but this is a shot of our kids and their friends which was taken near the campfire two years ago at Kingdom Bound.  If I remember right, they were playing cards by lantern light.  This was before we tossed the light string into the fire.  LOL

I wish I could share pictures of some of the great campfires my family enjoyed with my dad on all those camping vacations, but those pictures are only in my head.  

Edited to add:  I ran outside to get a picture of the firepit my dad constructed for us the very first time he visited us after we moved into this house.  Dad believes that a house isn't a home unless it has a firepit of some kind.  It looks a little drab with just the ashes in it, but here it is:

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Debbie Phillips said...

I liked your colorful fire photos. I also wish I had photos of when I was younger, we used to go camping with my brother when we visited him in Kentucky. I was grateful to have lots of photos from which to choose from last year's church bonfire. I also like your fire pit. I have always wanted one as I said in my post.

Thanks for being so faithful in doing my meme each week. Good luck finding wind/air for next week. I put up the topics before I found anything and I am struggling to find something. I will be spending some time looking through my pictures this week and watching for an opportunity to capture something new.

Kym said...

I've got a couple things in mind for next week - one is almost educational and the other is pretty much just silly. We'll see how I feel. LOL

would love to see some other participating in this meme because it really is fun.

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