Monday, September 17, 2012

A Green Gables Shore Photojournal

I really need to share the rest of our vacation pictures before it's Christmas season or something!  This set of pictures is from our visit to the Cavendish area of Prince Edward Island.  Cavendish was the home of author Lucy Maud Montgomery, and was the inspiration for the fictional village of Avonlea in her Anne of Green Gables books. There is quite a tourism industry in the area now.

There are two main parks dedicated to Anne of Green Gables and Lucy Maud Montgomery. They are Avonlea and   We chose to visit the Green Gables Heritage Place, which is a Parks Canada National Park.  Naturally, the boys were not much interested in the "girly stuff" involved, so the milder experience (and lower price) of this was a better choice for us.  It is a museum, historic site, and park.

restored barn with living history displays inside, and an ice cream shop on the right
This is the house that served as the inspiration for Green Gables.  Montgomery never actually lived here, but it was the home of her grandfather's cousins.  Since she lived nearby, she spent time here and in the woods in the area, including the places she nicknamed Lover's Lane and the Haunted Woods.

Anne's bedroom

Not far from Cavendish is the westernmost portion of Prince Edward Island National Park.  We walked along a boardwalk to see the dunes and beaches.  This was what Montgomery nicknamed the Lake of Shining Waters.

I realized only after we got home and I looked at the pictures that I had not chosen the most flattering t-shirt for a picture.  Horizontal stripes.  Brilliant - not!

The dirt really is quite red, earning PEI that reputation fairly!


Stefanie said...

Totally awesome!! Mackenzie and I are jealous!!! Mack wanted to know where Bonny and the Snow Queen were. LOL

Kym said...

probably at the other park - the one we didn't visit. LOL

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