Thursday, October 4, 2012

E is for... Eighth Grade

Landon is in eighth grade this year.

  It's a little different from when his older brothers were in eighth grade, because the way it's worked out Landon is doing two courses for high school credit in his eighth grade year.  

All three kids are doing Classical Astronomy for their science this year.  Spencer and Landon are both working through the Field Journal that goes with our text, Signs and Seasons.  Those extra activities make the course worth a high school credit for Science, so he is getting a little head start with science credits!

Landon is also doing Algebra I this year, so he will get a high school credit for that.  We are using No-Nonsense Algebra, which he really likes (as much as he is capable of "liking" a math course).  We reviewed it in the summer and decided to stick with it because it was such a good fit!  (Read my review here: No-Nonsense Algebra {Schoolhouse Review Crew})


He ducked when he realized I was going to take his picture. LOL
For history, Landon is doing America the Beautiful along with Kennady.

He is also doing Language Arts 8 from Alpha Omega Lifepacs, and Write With WORLD, another resource we reviewed earlier and decided to complete this year.  (You can read my review here: TOS Review: Write With WORLD)

We have been intending to do some Latin study this year, but so far we haven't got much done.  It seems like a pretty light course schedule, but it does leave some room to add other things like unit studies along the way, and to use things for reviews.  And who knows, maybe we will find another course to add for second semester.

Outside of school, Landon is involved with our youth group and other activities at church, and he is a member of the Civil Air Patrol.  He's been doing that since very early spring, and although he hasn't actually SAID so, all indications are that he likes it and I think it's a good fit for him.  

He just promoted to Senior Airman this week, and this time I was able to pin him myself!

So far, he claims to have little interest in getting his pilot license, believe it or not! Do you know what he wants to do when he grows up?  He wants to be a trashman.  He has wanted to do that since he was 4 or 6 years old, and never wavered from that ambition.  True story.  Dad and I are fine with that, but will push him to at least get business training at a community college so he can own his own trash business if that's what he wants to do! 

Steering his own unique course?
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Jessica said...

lol, I duck when people take my picture too.

Trash men are necessary in our world, someone has to do it! I think I'd push for owning a trash business though too.

Stefanie said...

I myself greatly appreciate trash men. In fact, I said just that in my E post. lol

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