Thursday, October 11, 2012

Think Back Thursday: In Motion

This week's theme for Think Back Thursday is Something or Someone in Motion.  Let me start off by saying that the pictures I'm going to share have absolutely no educational value that I'm aware of.   They don't really have any sentimental value either.  However, I think that they do have humor value, and are becoming somewhat of a silly tradition in our family.  I don't know what that says about us.  I also don't know what it says about ME that these are the pictures I thought of when looking for someone in motion.

If you're drinking coffee, I suggest you stop before scrolling any further.  This is for the protection of your monitor.  Trust me on this.

Harrison was the one who introduced the idea, and it was on Kennady's birthday in July of 2009.  I don't remember where he had first seen this, but he said if he could get his cheeks and lips kind of loosened up and then shake his head back and forth, I was supposed to snap a picture and he assured us it would be hilarious.  He was certainly right about that.  I don't have a stop-motion setting on my camera, but the random snapshots I have of the kids doing this trick are indeed hilarious, and perhaps just a bit disturbing.  

So here is Landon, loosening up his cheeks.

Harrison showed us how it was done. 

It took Landon a couple tries before he got the hang of it.

Kennady never really got it going that first time.

But once Landon was loosened up, he produced some of the strangest faces ever.

Wow, I should have at least got rid of the red-eye in this one.  It's bad enough without it.

We call this "optimal lip looseness"

Fast forward to March 2011, and another round of this game.  What I thought especially funny about this was that Kennady is wearing the same shirt that Landon was wearing the first time around.

If this could be frozen into a mask for Halloween...

And these are the most recent attempts.  May 2012.  Kennady is finally almost getting it.

And Landon... well...  I don't know what to say about this.  Someday he may be embarrassed enough by this that I could use it as blackmail of some sort, but at this point I believe he is actually proud of this skill. and of the pictures.   

They really are pretty normal kids.  Really.

I hope you will not be haunted by these images.  I am very sure that the other bloggers in Think Back Thursday will share pictures that are far more aesthetically pleasing.  I also hope Debbie will not regret having encouraged me to participate in this link-up. I promise my pictures for next week will be of a more serious nature.

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Debbie Phillips said...

I thought they were hysterical and GREAT! I Love it! Our family must just be as weird as yours!!! We have plenty of silly photos of my kids, many of which not only find their way onto my blog but end up in the kids slideshows at their graduation... just for further embarrassment. Just one of the services I offer as their mother!!! But, they make the faces and act silly... I just take the pictures, most of the time! Once in a while they catch me being silly too!

Thanks for faithfully linking up and NO, I do not regret it! I LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

OK that is hilarious! I like your sense of humor ;) I'm totally going to try this with the kids! (following you from the Crew)

Kym said...

I'm glad you thought they were funny! I was worried that I was scaring people off. LOL

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