Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Day - November 2012

On November 1st, we took a day off school - sort of - because it was the first decent day since the hurricane, and it was nearing the end of my parents' visit with us.  We left mid-morning to visit a few shops and stores and just drive around the country for a bit.

reminder that we need to finish our Shoebox shopping!

See how lucky we were during the hurricane...

the town's name is gone!

such a miracle that all the trees we saw down like this had fallen AWAY from the houses nearby!
We stopped at the quilt shop at Kennady's request.

Then we went to Snyder's to stock up on pretzels and snacks.

Final stop of the day was at the greenhouse my hubby manages.  They were preparing to ship out rosemary holiday planters on Friday, and it smelled so good! But with 40,000+ of these plants on carts ready to ship, the scent was very strong, almost too strong. Just one or two of these planters with a couple of decorations would be perfect in my house over the holidays though.  I hope he saves me one. ;-)

The poinsettias will be shipping out pretty soon too, I suppose.

I'm hoping he brings one of these poinsettia planters home too!

Since it was still too rainy and miserable to get exercise outside, we all enjoyed the chance to walk - or run - in the greenhouse.

Back at home, Kennady and Gramma gloated over their goodies from the quilt shop,
and we admired the fabrics chosen as the start of Spencer's "graduation quilt" that Gramma will be making.

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Meg said...

Glad you made it through ok. After seeing pictures, I realize how blessed we were in my neck of south Jersey.

And I love the poinsettias. Can't wait until they are in the farm markets here. I love fall, but am not a mum girl.

Pickled Pandas said...

I have never seen so many poinsettias! Wow!

I love the idea of a graduation quilt, what a great keepsake!

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