Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goal Planning Monday (On Tuesday): December 11, 2012

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12~

This was a busy week with lots of fun activities, but it meant that I wasn't able to get to everything on my list.
  1. Clean up and rearrange. Progress. Although not much, I must admit!
  2. Finish decorating. Mostly done! I have a few more things I wanted to put up but haven't pulled out the last box of decorations yet.
  3. Schoolwork and grading. Mostly done. 
  4. Sewing projects. Not done.
  5. Baking and meal planning. Done!  Fairly easy week since we had turkey leftovers for a couple nights and ate out a couple nights.  Baked bread and cookies too.
  6. Blog goals... Done. 
  7. Personal study... Not done.
  8. Christmas cards and newsletter. Not done!  I had good intentions, and even came up with a concept for our family newsletter.  But until I get it written and printed, this has to stay on my list.  Can't leave it much longer either!
  9. This week's errands and to-do list: complete! 
Getting closer to our Christmas break, and running out of time for some of the things I want to do before then.  Here's the list for the remainder of this week:
  1. Clean up and finish decorating. There's some tidying up to do and a few holiday things I want to display in order to feel like we are "finished" with this for the holiday season.  I'll be satisfied to keep my living room, dining room and kitchen looking tidy if much lived in!
  2. Schoolwork and grading. Yesterday was an on-your-own day of school for the kids, but today we need to get back at it and hopefully stay on track the rest of the week.
  3. Sewing projects.
  4. Baking and meal planning. Have received requests for more cookies and bread!
  5. Blog goals...
  6. Personal study... this seems ambitious during this busy time of year, but I really do need to work on it.
  7. Christmas cards and newsletter.  Perhaps I should have put this nearer the top of the list!
  8. This week's errands and to-do list includes: gym, shopping, homeschool moms encouragement meeting, CAP, church activities, etc.
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Cristi said...

I'm glad I'm not the only blogger who sometimes posts Goal Planning Mondays on Tuesdays. I probably post it more often on Tuesdays than on Mondays. I hope you have a productive week!

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