Wednesday, May 22, 2013

J is for... Just About There!

We are so close to the end, we can just about taste it! Only a few more loose ends of schoolwork to tie up - Spencer is finishing a research paper, and he has a little bit of the review unit in consumer math to finish. Landon isn't finished all of his Language Arts curriculum, but since he did some work in Language Arts resources that we reviewed this year, I'm ready to call it good. Kennady needs to finish up her math.

Landon and Kennady are both working on a couple of things we're reviewing for the Schoolhouse Crew too. Both are starting the Student Writing Intensive from Institute for Excellence in Writing. Landon will also be working on biology from Science for High School; and Kennady just finished an art project from See the Light and is doing some math supplements from Math Mammoth, as well as building a web page following a guide from Motherboard Books. Come back and visit over the next several weeks for those reviews - and maybe more as the summer rolls on!

Yesterday was a very busy day for us, preparing for Spencer's commencement ceremony, which will take place tomorrow. I spent the afternoon hunting down some supplies to make a photo/art display for the grad reception, and then we had the grad rehearsal and a dinner in the evening.

I could have written about J being for June and July, as I noticed several others did, but I'm not too sure how much schoolwork we'll do during those months. I hope we'll only have the Schoolhouse Crew projects that we'll need to focus on! That's my goal anyway!

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Stacie said...

What an awesome idea for Blogging through the alphabet. Unfortunately for my kids we are going through summer with schooling this year.

Erica B said...

Congratulations to Spencer!

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