Wednesday, June 19, 2013

N is for... Ninth Grade

Yeah. Ninth grade. As in - high school. Let's just review for a moment: this is my third child we're talking about, my youngest boy. Setting aside all the remarks that could be made about my advanced age, this is where education really feels serious. I mean, it's for "high school credit" now.

I've already shared a little about what curriculum we've already decided on for the coming year, so I don't need to rehash that. Nothing much has changed since then, although it might come September and October! Landon is not completely happy about it, but he has already started work on English Composition and Biology for his Grade 9 year, thanks to reviews we are working on for the Crew. To be fair, his complaints are half-hearted and come when I remind him that he needs to come spend some time working on this and I hear something to the effect of: "It's supposed to be summer break. How can it be a break if you keep giving me schoolwork?" Once he gets started on the assigned work, he rarely complains about it. I also remind him that once the review period is over, he can take a break, and that by working ahead now, he will have less pressure during the 'official' school year. Especially since we are taking our family vacation at the beginning of October this year. Nobody wants to have to take schoolwork on vacation!

Ninth grade is when the rubber starts to hit the road as far as schoolwork counting for high school credits. Ninth grade is the year he will need to demonstrate how well he can manage his own time and meet deadlines. He'll still be doing a couple of subjects together with his younger sister and me, and I hope to continue the practice of reading aloud together at least occasionally; but for the most part he will be working on his own.

We'll be seeing some of this in the coming year - Landon and Kennady will be doing Composition and History together.

Landon is happy to know that he'll be earning a full credit for each year he remains in Civil Air Patrol. That's a motivator. His future plans don't include pilot training or the Air Force at this point, but the leadership skills, self-discipline, and all the learning that takes place through CAP makes it so worthwhile!

I taught him to press his own uniforms...

and he has to polish his boots and shoes each week.

Funny thing about little boys is that they grow up. I don't always notice it happening day to day, but then I'll reflect on something like this - the fact that he's in high school now - and realize how time has flown! He's taller than me, he's very self-sufficient, and really quite mature.

Now if only I could teach him to get up at a reasonable hour every morning...

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Mary said...

I love that you taught him to iron. Someday, his wife will thank you. :)

Kym said...

IF he continues to do it after he's married! LOL

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