Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Weekly Goals - July 29, 2013

I had been posting my 5 Weekly Goals as part of my Homeschool Mother's Journal, but this week, I opted to post my Journal on the weekend, and do a quick 5 Goals post on Monday morning.  I didn't get all that much done last week, in many respects. I can blame part of that on my nasty toothache and the dentist appointment that interrupted my week and made me rather miserable.

Last week's goals were:
  • Reviews and other bloggy things - I got my reviews posted and several other things, but I really didn't spend much time preparing for the 5 Days Blog Hop. That has put me behind the eight-ball for this week!
  • Clean up my desk - progress!
  • MY studying - yes, I did work on this and I need to keep working on it and get it done!
  • Housework - I complained last week that my living room looks like a yard sale staging area. Well, it still pretty much looks like that, although I think it's slightly more organized now! But really, it can't stay that way. It's embarrassing.
  • Baking - epic fail. I didn't do any, although I helped the kids bake some cookies, and I did manage to get a French Toast casserole baked for Sunday's Big Breakfast.
Five Goals for this week:
  • Blogging! I need to get my 5 Days of Field Trips entries finished up and ready to go for next week so I'm not scrambling at the last minute. And I have several other entries to do, plus reviews I'm working on.
  • Clean up my desk and my living room - other parts of the house need cleaning too, but those are the two priority areas right now.
  • my studying - I'd like to get at least one more chapter and test done this week.
  • Lesson planning and kids' schoolwork - the first day of August is this week, which means that it's only a couple of weeks till we are starting up with school again. The things the kids are currently working on are things they can do on their own, so I am hoping to get the remainder of the lesson plans from my head onto paper or into the Homeschool Tracker. Or both. At least the first quarter's worth of stuff. That would be helpful.
  • Rest and Recovery - I'm trying to be optimistic that I'll feel a lot better quickly after my dentist appointment, but I know it's entirely possible that I'll be miserable for at least a day! And at this point I don't know how soon I will need to go back for the next torture session appointment. So if nothing else, maybe I'll get a lot of reading done...
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