Monday, July 22, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: VBS Week Edition

In our homeschool... we had an easy week as we're finally getting to take a complete break from school - at least for a little while! I posted the High School Biology in Your Home review early in the week, and had promised Landon that his official break would begin as soon as that happened. So he has been rather lazy ever since! LOL Kennady is still working on a computer course, and I've promised her the same - as soon as I post the KidCoder review (which will be this week) she can have an official break too. Just not sure how long it will last!

I have been intending to finish up lesson plans, but still haven't done it. Most of it is done, or at least enough so that we'll be able to get started and I'll add details as we go. Still, I'd prefer to get our first Social Studies unit mapped out a little better. Realistically I bet it won't happen this week either, but we'll see.

In other news... Last week was VBS, and it was Kennady's last year as a student so she made the most of it. All three of my boys were helpers so I felt like I had made my contribution. LOL Everyone had a good time, despite blazing hot temperatures all week. On Friday night we had the VBS picnic, but had to cut short the outside activities when a storm blew in. Some of the guys had put in a lot of time building this year's redneck waterslide, and the kids didn't get to use it on Friday, so we rescheduled that for Sunday night. Lots of fun and probably lots of bumps and bruises for the participants. (Took these pictures with my cellphone!)

We were able to get together with some good friends for dinner on Saturday, and enjoyed Sunday lunch with friends from church.

Still lamenting the demise of my camera, and still waiting for my gift card to arrive before purchasing a new one.

One of my favorite things this week... receiving high praise from Harrison for the Cincinnati-style chili I made! It was delicious, if I say so myself.

Things I'm working on...
Last week's goals were:
  • Reviews and other bloggy things - done, barely.
  • Clean up my desk - progress!
  • Lesson planning - yeah, about that. It didn't happen.
  • Information hunting and errands etc - managed to get most of it done. Most importantly, we got Harrison's car tagged so he can drive it.
  • Baking - did a little, such as a couple pans of cornbread, but it was so hot that I thought I could be excused for not baking bread! LOL
Five Goals for this week:
  • Reviews and other bloggy things - two reviews to post this week, and getting my blog hop stuff ready for next week!
  • Clean up my desk - specifically the stacks of schoolbooks that need to be sorted and put away. 
  • MY studying - never mind the kids, I have a correspondence course I need to get finished, and I will work on it this week!
  • Housework - my living room looks like a yard sale staging area right now. In a way, it is. The kids have been working hard to clean the upstairs bedrooms, and as a result we have a growing stack of stuff that could probably be yard saled or given away. Hopefully we can decide on a course of action this week and if we want to plan a yard sale, box up the things we are saving for that and find a place to keep them until the big day.
  • Baking - looks like we will get a bit of relief from the heat this week, so I should plan on baking bread and cookies. Also, I noticed that our cookie stash is pretty much empty, so that should motivate us a bit. 
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A photo and link to share... A little self-promotion again this week - my post for the Virtual Refrigerator this week was Aged Map Art. 

On the bookshelf...
  • The Good Knight by Sarah Woodbury
  • Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy - Two Shall Become One by Sharon Lathan
  • The Whiskey Tide by M.Ruth Myers
  • The Changeling by Philippa Carr
Finished A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander and will hopefully blog about it today. Wrote about Adventures in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird.

A parting shot... The pictures that never made it to my science review because of their poor quality:
human anatomy slides
HMJ SUMMER logo landscape

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