Thursday, August 8, 2013

Think Back Thursday: Garden

Our Think Back Thursday theme this week is Garden or Gardening. But the truth is ---- I hate gardening. Hate. It. So we don't have one. Oh, we have some flowers and ornamental grasses and all that, but it is stuff that needs little or no tending, and it's my husband's responsibility. He knows that I will never remember to water or weed anything anyway. 

Of course, having no interest in keeping my own garden doesn't mean that I don't appreciate gardens! I love visiting the gardens that other folks weed and water and look after! One of the loveliest gardens that I've ever spent time in belongs to friends of ours in Ontario. We haven't seen them for a few years now, but on one of our visits in 2008, we spent a beautiful morning visiting in their backyard. While the grown-ups sat in the shade and visited, enjoying the charming surroundings, Kennady and Landon wandered and explored. The entire backyard is filled with plants and found objects incorporated into the landscaping, which has a country cottage feel. I gave Kennady my camera and let her roam and snap pictures.

Later that week, we also spent some time at the botanical gardens in Niagara Falls, Canada.

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Debbie Phillips said...

Wonderful photos. You noticed that my daughter was the one digging and caring for the garden. Gardening jumped a generation. My mom always had a garden, not a big one but at least some tomatoes and she had blueberry bushes, and usually one or 2 other things. I love produce but I am NOT a gardener.

Your friend's garden is charming. Love the used items re-purposed.

I love visiting gardens too and have shared many photos from favorite local gardens we have visited.

Thanks for sharing. Keep linking up. God bless.

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