Thursday, August 1, 2013

Think Back Thursday: Sleepy

I have a theory that the reason sleeping kids are so adorable is that it will make it easier to forgive them for the naughty things they did while awake! A search through some of my photos this morning turned up the following pictures of sleeping kids to share for this week's theme of Sleep or Sleepy.

Landon and Kennady crashed on the sofa at Grandmum's house in 2005. Landon was about six and Kennady was about four.
I've always loved this picture of Kennady taken on our trip to Disney World when she was five years old. We were waiting for the ferry at the end of a long day at the Magic Kingdom and she fell asleep leaned up against her daddy's knee.
This is Harrison on July 4th, 2007. We had gone to a Washington Nationals baseball game and then to the National Mall. We spent a couple hours just sitting there waiting for it to get dark so we could enjoy the fireworks.
In 2007, DH had surgery on his knee. Kennady kept him company napping on the sofa.
This one is from 2007 as well. Notice how Kennady always has her thumb in her mouth. She can't help it when she's asleep!
This was one of my favorite school photos in 2011. She was almost nine years old. I think she hadn't been feeling all that great so she was working on her math and language in my bed and fell asleep still holding the pencil! LOL
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Debbie Phillips said...

Great photos. My favorites are Kennady asleep leaning on her father's knee at Disney and the one with her thumb in her mouth. My kids never sucked their thumb because I made sure they used pacifiers because I thought it would be easier to take a pacifier away when they were old enough than it would be to get them to stop sucking a thumb... but it is such a cute photo.

I also love the one of her asleep with her school books, the pencil in one hand and her other thumb in her mouth.

Thanks for linking up. I hope you have some more sleepy photos because I do and will be doing this theme again. If you don't you might want to take some in the coming months... so you will be ready.

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