Monday, September 2, 2013

First Day - September 2013

Just as we pulled into our driveway after church, it started pouring rain. We ran inside with whatever we could carry. And it kept raining...
and kept raining...
Spencer had his iPod to keep him busy while he waited on lunch.
And still it rained, so I let Kennady take some rainy day pictures. She got some really interesting ones. I like the low perspective of this one.

Pictures in Kennady's room - her calendar, 
and her cat finding a place to nap inside her bookshelf.
It really wasn't that long that it rained. It did stop later in the afternoon so we could grill for dinner. Except that we were out of propane, so we had to go old school - burgers over the charcoal grill.
And fried cheese. My new favorite food.
Okay, I realize no one else can tell what this is, but it's a hawk that was sitting on our balcony! They don't usually come this close to the house, and I didn't want to get any closer to him and scare him away so I overdid it with the zoom. Apparently I don't quite know how to get a good picture with the zoom at max power. LOL

Putting the battery back in the van before it gets too dark.

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Nicole said...

That sunset is amazing! We are getting a lot of rain today! Thanks for linking up!

Tracy said...

Fried cheese? I am intrigued. ;)

Just visiting via First Day.

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