Friday, September 13, 2013

Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge #1 - School Space

Time to be real here.

The first of the homeschool weekly photo challenge topics is "School Space" so all of us participating are supposed to share pictures of where we do school. *Ahem* We do not have a schoolroom. We do school in a number of places in the house, but mostly at the dining room table. So here it is - complete with empty breakfast dishes and with something spilled on it that nobody bothered to wipe up. Not even for the sake of the picture. But then again, I'm being real. And the truth is - this looks better than it often does!

I decided not to sneak into the kids' bedrooms to stealthily take pictures of them doing schoolwork lying in their beds, or on their floors. They do have desks, but don't actually sit at them very often. And who am I kidding - it would be next to impossible for me to sneak those pictures, because the kids have developed a sixth sense that allows them to somehow just know when I have a camera in my hand, and then they engage in evasive maneuvers. *sigh*

But I was patient enough to get this picture of Landon watching his math lesson at the computer. The computer desk is the site for some subjects - Algebra for Landon and English for both kids. Occasional research. And eventually, when we get back to it, some computer programming and web design courses for both kids. Look at the clutter on the desk. If posting this picture isn't a wake-up call to me that I need to tidy the desk again, I don't know what is. Maybe losing something important in the mess.

Do you have a special room or space set aside for school, or do you use your whole house? Is it all tidy and organized or is it random and lived-in? You can see other school spaces shared at The Canadian Homeschooler Weekly Photo Challenge for Week #1 and share your own pictures.

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Lisa Marie said...

Thanks for joining in! I love your realness - fantastic! I don't have a schoolroom either and my poor table.... oy.

The joys of homeschooling! :)

Unknown said...

That desk looks like mine is most of the time. I happened to give it a cleaning a bit earlier so it wasn't that bad tonight for my photos!
We homeschool everywhere too.

BARBIE said...

We also school at the kitchen table, which is never clean. My daughter is often found on her bed or on the couch doing school work.

Kym said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only homeschooler with a desk or table buried under schoolwork! Thanks for visiting!

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