Thursday, September 5, 2013

X is for... eXtra Credit {A Glider Flight Photojournal}

X is a difficult letter to inspire a homeschool post, so we have to be creative. Landon is very happy that he gets eXtra credit on his transcript for his Civil Air Patrol involvement, and his most recent eXciting activity was a glider flight. A couple weeks ago, he and his friend joined cadets from a couple other squadrons for orientation flights in a glider. Civil Air Patrol offers its cadets opportunities for up to five powered O-flights, and up to five non-powered (glider) O-flights. So besides being just a fantastic organization, CAP is giving young people the chance to get a head start on learning to fly before they are old enough to learn how to drive!

Before anybody flies, it's important to learn about the aircraft and how to check everything for safety and function.

Of course you can't see the faces, but here's Landon's friend and the pilot in the glider. Each cadet got a flight of about 15-20 minutes after the tow cable was released.

At the same airport, there is a company offering skydiving adventures, so our cadets and pilots weren't the only folks in the skies.

They also briefly shared the sky with this open cockpit WWII biplane!

Now it's Landon's turn. Here he is getting some final instructions from the pilot about the controls and instruments.

Our pilot kindly posed for a pre-flight photo op. Landon said he was excited, but he never looks like he is.

I gave Landon my camera, and hoped that the battery would stay juiced up for him to get a couple pictures in the air. I switched to my cellphone camera for this shot.

And for this one, just as the glider was being towed up.

Landon only took a couple of pictures from the cockpit as they were taking off, and none in the air (he was busy FLYING!). What a cool view!

Back on the ground.

I really can't say enough good about Civil Air Patrol. The leadership training and practical skills and discipline it promotes, along with service to the community and a high standard of respect are wonderful. And these kinds of opportunities for flying are just so cool!

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