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Virtual Refrigerator: Retablo Art

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Kennady has been working on an art project related to our study of South America over the past couple of weeks. Retablo is a traditional folk art in the country of Peru. It's similar to what we would call a shadowbox or a diorama - a box filled with figures of people arranged to tell a story. Priests used to carry brightly colored retablos filled with religious scenes through the mountain roads for people to see, and to use as teaching tools. Nowadays retablos are not limited to religious scenes but might tell a story from myth or legend. We found instructions for making a retablo in our book, Geography Through Art, and I happened to have a miniature retablo made in Peru to use as inspiration.

To make her retablo, Kennady cut the lid of an empty shoebox in half the long way, then taped the sides of it back onto the box, so that they would open out like doors. Then she made figures out of Sculpey clay to represent a nativity scene.

Once she'd planned how the figures would be arranged inside the box, she painted a background scene using acrylic paints.

We made the back of the stable using wooden craft sticks. The craft sticks, and then the figures were hot glued into the box, and then Kennady also painted and decorated the insides of the doors to the box. We may cover the outside of the box later on.

(Visit the page Peruvian Retablos at wikipedia to see pictures of Andean retablos.)

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