Saturday, December 28, 2013

HMJ and Beauty Captured: Christmas Week Edition

Since we were on vacation for Christmas week, I am combining my Homeschool Mother's Journal for the week with a Beauty Captured (Days 139-150) post. We visited my husband's family for Christmas again this year. I am not in the habit of taking pictures on Christmas day when we open gifts, so don't look for those pictures here!

husband's wrist - healing well!

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Our oldest son was able to come with us on the Christmas trip this year.
It was great to have him there on Christmas Day, and on our visit to
Niagara Falls - which was something he really wanted to do.

Happy Birthday to me!

Things I'm working on... now that we're home, I'm working on post-vacation laundry and cleaning up. We'll do some school next week, so I'll do a bit of planning for that.

My posts this week included:

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The Pebble Pond
Beauty Captured is a daily link-up hosted at The Pebble Pond. The goal is to find beauty in our everyday lives, and to share a picture each day for a year. I plan on sharing my pictures once a week, but hope to remember to take a picture every day!

This post is linked at Beauty Captured @ The Pebble Pond

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Becca said...

I love the wood Nativity. I have never seen one like that.

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