Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Day - January 2014

We decided to try out this rock fountain that we hadn't used in who-knows-how-long. It still works. And the cat believes it's his personal drinking fountain.

Christmas decorations stay up until January 6th at our house.
Even the moose is still feeling somewhat festive.
Reviving a tradition from my childhood - New Years Cookies (which are really more like doughnuts)

I properly cleaned the mantle and hearth and got rid of a bunch of knick-knacks. Well... they aren't gone yet, but they've been put on the "to be removed" pile.

Collection of matrushkas that need a new display spot.
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Audra Silva said...

My cats would use that as their own drinking fountain, too. Loved the sparking Christmas tree photo. :)

Cristi said...

I love your Coca-Cola collection. My husband's grandmother has quite a display at her house, and she once gave us a set of Coca-Cola glasses.

Nita said...

Yum! Yum! We don't have decorations up since we usually travel for the holidays and the decorations at the place we stay at come down when we leave. That's one less chore for me to do. But I love visiting homes that are decorated to the nines. Thanks for sharing.

kewkew said...

What a lovely home, and so festive. Love the decorations. Not sure who, but one of my relatives used to have some nesting dolls that I played with when I was little. Oh, and those cookies look very yummy!
Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. I can't wait to see what you share this week.

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