Monday, February 3, 2014

Beauty Captured - Days 180-187

Beauty Captured is a daily link-up hosted at The Pebble Pond. The goal is to find beauty in our everyday lives, and to share a picture each day for a year. I plan on sharing my pictures once a week, but hope to remember to take a picture every day!
The Pebble Pond
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Ceil said...

Hi Kym! I am coming over from Janis' blog.

How did your daughter get that snow heart? Just precious. And what a beautiful night photo with the snow. You are very talented! Nice work on the Sudoku. My husband and I have a deal. He gets the Sudoku, I get the crossword!
Nice to meet you today :)

Kym said...

Hi Ceil! Thanks for visiting! My daughter found a chunk of snow that was sort of heart-shaped, so she "carved" it a little bit.

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