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Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge - Socialization

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Ah yes, the dreaded "S-word" - socialization. I think that the once common question of "What about socialization" has been largely put to rest in recent years. But there are some folks who wonder whether homeschooled kids are 'too sheltered' or if they have any friends or contact with the world outside their family's schoolroom. As those who know me well or who have read my blog for any length of time likely know, I believe that homeschoolers are generally more healthy and well-rounded in their socialization than many public school kids, simply because their interactions are not limited to just their peer group. And I am here to tell you that almost every homeschooled student and graduate I know has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances of many backgrounds and ages, and are quite comfortable in groups and social settings. (Comfortable relative to whether they are an introvert or extrovert personality, of course.)

This week our photo challenge was to capture something related to socialization with our camera. I had a couple chances yesterday to try and snap pictures of my kids in group settings. First, after their gym class:
Homeschool Coffee Break
After every week's class, the kids gather outside to high five each other, talk, and plan their next social get-togethers. Looks like most of the kids that were in range of my camera are middle schoolers and high schoolers, but I can tell you that the elementary age kids are just as fond of socializing during and after gym class as these teens.

Then in the evening, Landon and his good friend attended their weekly Civil Air Patrol meeting. It turns out that maybe half of the cadets in our squadron are homeschooled students. These young men and women display leadership, self-discipline, respect for others, and teamwork every week. They are all friendly and well-spoken too.
Homeschool Coffee Break
I didn't have a chance to take a picture yesterday (the one below is from December), but Kennady attends her weekly Children's Chorus practice. There also, there is a mix of students from homeschool, private school, and public school settings; and they are also a well-mannered bunch that are friendly and engaging.
Kennady and one of her best friends in the Children's Chorus
Within our homeschool community, students have plenty of opportunities to socialize. These include field trips, gym classes, girls fellowship group, and activities like the Christmas Craft Breakfast.
Homeschool Coffee Break
My kids have lots of fun with their group of friends in our church youth group, and are usually right in the center of the action, so they are definitely not awkward. And I don't think the other homeschooled kids that attend our youth group are either. :-)
sledding party on a recent snow day
Homeschool Coffee Break
packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child with the youth group
youth group carnival to kick off the year
Do your homeschooled kids love to socialize too? Leave a comment and let me know! You can see other weekly photos shared at The Canadian Homeschooler Weekly Photo Challenge - Socialization and share your own pictures.

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